World Affairs

photograph of the British Museum at night

Refusal to Repatriate: The Owning, Lending, and Stealing of Art

The ongoing debate over colonial repatriation requires that we confront our history of imperialism. On what grounds can one own another's cultural heritage?
photograph of warning sign

On Julia le Duc’s Photograph and the Choice Not to View...

What are the duties of news organizations and photographers? What are the rights of viewers? And what obligation do we have as humans to bear witness to tragedy and suffering?
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Collective Responsibility and the MMIWG Report

The recent report concerning Canada's Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls has a lot to say about the legacy of colonialism.
photograph of two security cameras on side of building

Press Freedom in Australia: Democracy, Transparency, and Trust

Recent government raids on news organizations in Australia prompt discussion of the boundaries of categories like the public interest and national security threats.
photograph of used Game of Thrones book

Game of Thrones: Dragons, Despots, and Just War

The TV show addresses a host of philosophical issues from the principle of proportionality to jus post bellum and realpolitik.
Jacinda Ardern, leader of the NZ Labour party, was at the University of Auckland Quad on the first of September, 2017.

Jacinda Ardern, Christchurch, and Moral Leadership

In what ways did New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern display meaningful characteristics of moral leadership?
Photograph of candles and flowers arranged to mourn victims of the shootings

Christchurch: White Supremacism, Politics and Moral Evil

How do we define moral evil? And how do the events that happened in Christchurch and afterwards inform this definition?
A boy walks through an aisle of books in a library.

College Admissions and the Ethics of Unfair Advantages

The recent admissions scandal has revealed the unfair advantages that certain people have when applying to school, and what that might mean for the rest of us.
Photograph of Reagan and Gorbachev shaking hands and holding a document

Considering the Consequences: Withdrawing from the INF Treaty

The INF Treaty was a crucial milestone in the ending of the Cold War, so what does it mean for the US to withdraw now?
Photograph of a Venezuelan flag in the foreground and a crowd of protesting people in the background

The Venezuela Crisis and National Self-Determination

What is the US's aim when it comes to the crisis in Venezuela?