close-up photograph of old ballot box

Separating Character from Policy at the Ballot Box

Accusations about one's lack of moral fiber are often thrown around at election time, but when are personal moral failings relevant in determining a candidate's suitability for public office?
photograph of dog's face behind chain-link fence

Inconsistency in Animal Abuse

Many express outrage at news stories involving the poor care of pets, but the implications of our indignation often go unnoticed.
photograph of a girl playing the trumpet in a group of young students

Elevating the Elite in Music: El Sistema and Cultural Hegemony

What can El Sistema tell us about the politics of music education? What's the right way to promote inclusion?
photograph of alt-right rally

Christianity’s Role in Alt-Right Terrorism: More than an Aesthetic

Recent events have raised questions about Christianity's relation to alt-right ideology and its role in right-wing terrorism.
The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris photographed in 2015 from the side

Cultural Value, Charitable Giving, and the Fire at Notre Dame

The fire at Notre Dame was a huge cultural event matched only by the outpouring of support from donations and social media posts in response. But shouldn't there be other things we support just as strongly?
A close-up photograph of a section of dates on a calendar.

Why We Shouldn’t Have to Have the White History Month Conversation

Black History Month is occasionally accompanied by discourse on the possibility of "white history month." What makes it wrong?
Photo of a lowlit room with candles and a mirror and a bed

Self-Care in the Late Capitalist Era

Self-care is crucial, but is it overly commodified?
Photograph of President Trump looking at a book with other people gathered

Why You are Wrong to Donate to the #BorderWall GoFundMe Campaign

Opinion: The GoFundMe campaign supporting the building of the proposed border wall has some fundamental philosophical problems.
Photograph of the cast of the TV show The Office all sitting for a press conference on set

Is All Comedy Ethical? The Office’s Irresponsible Use of Satire

Satire deliberately exaggerates societal issues to make a point -- and to make us change. But what if it doesn't work?
"Not only our island nation that is sinking" by Nattu licensed under CC BY 2.0

Opinion: To Face Climate Change We Need the Arts and Humanities

Can we combat climate change with more than just the sciences, and how should we implement the humanities into our solutions?