Are you a gamer? Do you enjoy the battles and challenges created in the magical virtual world? Better yet, are you interested in learning more?

It is funny to think back to the days when Pac-Man computer games were all the rage. Clearly, the gaming industry has come a long way since then, as today, the video game industry rakes in nearly eleven billion dollars in revenue annually! Today’s video games are enjoyed by players of all ages and backgrounds. A surprise to me was that 40% of gamers today are female and 25% of gamers are under the age of 18, as reported by the Entertainment Rating Software Board.

The gaming culture is expanding rapidly as people get hooked by the lure of the virtual world. The reality is, you and I are amongst gamers wherever we go, even right here on DePauw’s campus.

It is all fun and games, right? Well, not quite.

Recently, Anita Sarkeesian, considered a hero in the feminist gaming community, received the 2014 Game Developers Ambassador Award. This award honors an individual who has made strides in helping the game industry advance to a better place. Anita Sarkeesian is a staunch advocate against the portrayal of harassment and misogyny towards women in video games today.

To learn more about her accomplishments and goals, please watch the short clip above!

Do you agree with Sarkeesian? What do you think about the portrayal of women in video games?

Please join us in discussion on April 10th (4:15 pm) in the Prindle Institute Great Room where Anita Sarkeesian will joins us live at the 2015 Undergraduate Ethics Symposium: Value in Virtual Spaces.