Call for Applications (May 2020)

Call for Applications

We are currently accepting applications for News Analyst positions. For more information please see the description and instructions below.

The Prindle Post, an online ethics magazine from The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics, is seeking expert scholars to write concise explanatory articles that focus on elucidating the underlying moral issues raised by current events and popular culture. The ideal contributor will be someone with a graduate degree or a graduate student in a field that focuses, at least in part, on studying ethics (e.g. philosophy).


  • Contribute an “Ethics in the News” or “Ethics in Culture” piece once every two weeks, for a total of 24 pieces. These are 800-1200 word blog posts that explain the underlying moral issue or issues raised by a current event or some aspect of our culture.

Compensation: $2,400/term of contract


  • Have a graduate degree, or be working toward a graduate degree, in philosophy, ethics, or a related field in which ethics is a significant component.
  • Be broadly familiar with the wide variety of morally relevant features and be good at identifying them when they arise.
  • Be able to clearly and succinctly articulate arguments for and against moral opinions and communicate them to a general audience. Of particular importance is being able to identify potential objections to widely shared moral opinions that most people might not immediately recognize.

Ethics in the News/Culture

The Prindle Post aims to be different from other explanatory news sites by delving deeper into the underlying moral issues and controversies that make a news story newsworthy or that make some aspect of our culture thought-provoking.

An ideal piece will

  • Clearly articulate one or more moral issues/questions raised by the focus piece
  • Clearly articulate what some of the core morally relevant features are
  • Clearly articulate reasons/arguments for and against the moral

Application Instructions

  • Upload your academic CV and an original Ethics in the News/Culture post here by June 1, 2020.