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avatar for A.G. HoldierA.G. Holdier

A.G. Holdier is a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Arkansas interested in social and political epistemology, public policy, and the intersection of ethics with philosophy of language. Learn more at www.agholdier.com

Benjamin Rossi

Benjamin Rossi received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame. His primary research interests are in ethics, moral responsibility, and political philosophy. He currently attends Duke Law School.

Daniel Burkett

Daniel Burkett received his PhD in Philosophy from Rice University, and is currently a Visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales. His primary research interests are in ethics and political philosophy – particularly issues surrounding punishment and climate change.

Daniel Story

Daniel Story received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of California, Santa Barbara and currently teaches at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. His research focuses primarily on issues relating to shared agency, responsibility, moral luck, and death.

Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams is a PhD candidate in the Philosophy Department at Indiana University, Bloomington. Their dissertation focuses on questions about moral responsibility, and their other interests include feminist philosophy, virtue ethics, and social epistemology.

Evan Arnet

Evan Arnet is a PhD candidate in the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine Department at Indiana University Bloomington. His research focuses on the animal behavior sciences and genetics, but he is broadly interested in how science and medicine intersect with our values.

Giles Howdle

Giles Howdle is writing up his doctoral thesis at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. His research focuses on the problem of morality’s authority—on questions such as ‘Why should I be moral?’ Besides topics in ethics and metaethics, his philosophical interests include political philosophy and the philosophy of wellbeing.

Jake Wojtowicz

I received my PhD, on Bernard Williams and agent-regret, in 2019 from King's College London. I have published articles in ethics and the philosophy of sport. I live in Rochester, NY.

avatar for Kenneth BoydKenneth Boyd

Ken Boyd holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Toronto. His philosophical work concerns the ways that we can best make sure that we learn from one another, and what goes wrong when we don’t. You can read more about his work at kennethboyd.wordpress.com

Marshall Bierson

Marshall is currently completing his PhD in Philosophy at Florida State University. His primarily studies the intersection of ethics and the nature of persons. Outside of Academia, Marshall also directs curricular design for high school debate camps with the Victory Briefs Institute.

Matthew S.W. Silk

Matt has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Waterloo. His research specializes in philosophy of science and the nature of values. He has also published on the history of pragmatism and the work of John Dewey.

Megan Fritts

Megan is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN. Her research interests span a wide array of topics, including technology ethics, human agency, the work of Nietzsche and Kierkegaard.

Nicholas Kreuder

Nicholas Kreuder is a PhD candidate at Binghamton University. His primary research interests are in well-being and animal ethics, although he writes frequently on other applied ethical issues.

Orkan Ernalbant

Orkan is pursuing his doctorate in philosophy at Akdeniz University in Turkey. His primary research interests are in Ontopolitics, Philosophy of Time, Concept of Self and Applied Ethics.

avatar for Rachel Robison-GreeneRachel Robison-Greene

Rachel is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Utah State University. Her research interests include the nature of personhood and the self, animal minds and animal ethics, environmental ethics, and ethics and technology. She is the co-host of the pop culture and philosophy podcast I Think Therefore I Fan.

Richard Gibson

Richard B. Gibson received his PhD in Bioethics & Medical Jurisprudence from the University of Manchester. His research interests lie at the intersection of philosophy and biology, the philosophy of law, nihilism, and normative ethics. Richard’s currently working on a series of papers examining the social, legal, and ethical implications of cryopreservation.

T. Parker Haratine

Parker Haratine is a PhD candidate in Philosophical Theology at the University of St. Andrews. He primarily researches medieval philosophy and ethics and lives in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Student Staff Writers

Alexander Spencer

Alex is a senior philosophy major at DePauw University and a Hillman Intern at the Prindle Institute for Ethics.

Beatrice Harvey

Bea Harvey is a senior at DePauw University as an English Literature major. Her interests include gender politics and social justice.

Katherine Hennessey

Kate Hennessey is a senior at DePauw University studying English Literature and French. She runs for the cross country and track team and works as a Writing Associate.