photograph of dog in cramped cage

Pet Ownership and the Ethical Perils of Domination

In what ways does our position in relation to domesticated animals place additional duties of care upon us?
photograph of two wolves stalking in the snow

Reintroducing the Gray Wolf

What obligation do we have to restoring and preserving ecosystems and does that obligation extend to include predators?
photograph of meat-packing workers crowded around conveyor belt

COVID-19 and Food Justice

Now is the perfect time to rethink our relationship with meat — the industry behind it and the baggage that comes with it.
Police officer on horseback. Both horse and person are shown from behind

The Immorality of Nonhuman Police Officers

As many police practices come under increasing scrutiny, we must consider the role of nonhuman animals in police forces.
photograph of conveyor line at meat-packing plant

Stories of Vulnerability: COVID-19 in Slaughterhouses

The current crisis has provided a new context to evaluate our relationship to meat and the machinery that produces it. Can we justify the cost of this "vital" labor?
photograph of pangolin lumbering toward camera in barren landscape

Time for a Paradigm Shift: COVID-19 and Human Consumption

The current crisis should persuade us to reconsider our relationship to the natural world.
photograph of Star Wars shaped sugar cookies

Should You Eat Baby Yoda?

What properties or characteristics might explain our different intuitions about the edibility of nonhuman creatures?
photograph taken of turkeys overcrowded in pens

Is the “Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act” a Step in...

Recent federal legislation aimed at safeguarding animal welfare and criminalizing torture and cruelty promises much and delivers little.
photograph of dolphin balancing ball at zoo

Animals as Entertainment: Some Notes on Animal Bullying

From wildlife selfies to zoos, our use of animals for entertainment purposes often betrays an inability to take on another's vantage.
microscopic image of human embryos

The Ethics of Chimeric Research

Developing human/non-human embryos for research and organ transplant raises tough questions about the value of human life and the politics of species taxonomy.