close-up photograph of grasshopper

Do Insects Matter?

On what grounds might we justifiably distinguish between those with interests and those without them?
photograph of lobsters in water tank at market

Is It Time to Show the Lobster a Bit of Respect?

Is an animal's experience of pain the best (only?) metric by which to justify our treatment of them?
photograph of chickens packed into pens at poultry farm

The Ethics of Animal Dis-Enhancement

We need to interrogate the realities that demand we sacrifice our moral ideals and live with second-best solutions.
photograph of cows in empty arid desert

Under Discussion: Can In Vitro Meat Help Fix What Cattle Ranching...

Do the harms of industrial agriculture make the switch to lab-grown meat a moral necessity?
photograph of raw lamb cutlet surrounded by vegetables

Under Discussion: Animal Dignity and Cultured Meat

Does the very existence of lab-grown meat encourage us to continue to discount animal interests?
photograph of raw steak arranged on butcher block with cleaver and greenery

Under Discussion: Aristotelian Temperance and Cultured Meat

Lab-grown meat might lessen the instances of animal cruelty, but its invention also betrays an inability to keep our appetites in check.
close-up photograph of elephant in the wild

Elephants Are People Too

Under what conditions might a creature to become a rights-bearer? Who should get to decide?
photograph of mink fur

Moral Problems with Mink Production

Is the potential threat to human life and harm done to animals enough to overcome business interests and property rights?
photograph of dog in cramped cage

Pet Ownership and the Ethical Perils of Domination

In what ways does our position in relation to domesticated animals place additional duties of care upon us?
photograph of two wolves stalking in the snow

Reintroducing the Gray Wolf

What obligation do we have to restoring and preserving ecosystems and does that obligation extend to include predators?