photograph of mink fur

Moral Problems with Mink Production

Is the potential threat to human life and harm done to animals enough to overcome business interests and property rights?
Three women in life jackets swimming with two dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins

Humans want to experience the beauty of dolphins, but we don't realize how much harm we might be causing them.
close-up photograph of black-footed ferret

The Endangered ‘Endangered Species Act’

Roll-backs and deregulation concerning 'threatened' species raise questions about the weighing of human and animal interests.
photograph of dog in cramped cage

Pet Ownership and the Ethical Perils of Domination

In what ways does our position in relation to domesticated animals place additional duties of care upon us?
Photograph of a great white shark swimming in the sea

The Real-Life Consequences of Demonizing Sharks

While scary shark movies can be fun to watch, they negatively effect our understanding the importance of sharks in their ecosystems.
microscopic image of human embryos

The Ethics of Chimeric Research

Developing human/non-human embryos for research and organ transplant raises tough questions about the value of human life and the politics of species taxonomy.
close-up photograph of elephant in the wild

Elephants Are People Too

Under what conditions might a creature to become a rights-bearer? Who should get to decide?
Two beagle puppies on leashes sitting in a field of green grass

Considering Custody Arrangements for Companion Animals

How should we determine custody of companion animals in cases of divorce? Similar to child custody? California and Alaska say yes.
photograph of dolphin balancing ball at zoo

Animals as Entertainment: Some Notes on Animal Bullying

From wildlife selfies to zoos, our use of animals for entertainment purposes often betrays an inability to take on another's vantage.
An image of four elephants walking along a muddy field.

The Legal Case of Elephant Personhood

A Connecticut court grapples with the criteria needed to determine whether animals like elephants should be granted legal personhood.