photograph of dolphin balancing ball at zoo

Animals as Entertainment: Some Notes on Animal Bullying

From wildlife selfies to zoos, our use of animals for entertainment purposes often betrays an inability to take on another's vantage.
microscopic image of human embryos

The Ethics of Chimeric Research

Developing human/non-human embryos for research and organ transplant raises tough questions about the value of human life and the politics of species taxonomy.
close-up photograph of black-footed ferret

The Endangered ‘Endangered Species Act’

Roll-backs and deregulation concerning 'threatened' species raise questions about the weighing of human and animal interests.
photograph of lab rat perched on human's arm

Moral Standing and Human/Non-human Hybrids

Research involving animal embryos that have human cells requires us to revisit our standards regarding moral status.
close-up photograph of two pigs in dark room

“How Long Must We Wait?”: Lessons from the History of the...

Progress has been made, but we still have a long way to go to fulfill our moral obligations with regard to animal rights.
photograph of two elephants on marshy plains

Legal Personhood and Nonhuman Rights

The move to grant non-human animals, and even non-organisms like rivers, legal personhood prompts reflection on our evolving conception of rights.
Close-up photograph of a hand holding vegan McDonalds burger

Plant-Based Meat Substitutes, Sensational Reporting, and Information Literacy

The media's treatment of recent plant-based meat rollouts fails to give the significant moral gains their due.
photograph of dog's face behind chain-link fence

Inconsistency in Animal Abuse

Many express outrage at news stories involving the poor care of pets, but the implications of our indignation often go unnoticed.
photograph of macaque's face in profile

Moral Standing and Human Monkeys

Recent experiments have put pressure on the divisions we draw between human and animals. What does it take to be a right-bearing entity?
Photograph of a striped fish called a cleaner wrasse in front of coral with another different species of fish in view behind

Passing the Mirror Test and the Wrong of Pain

We often define the moral community on the basis of whether a being is self-aware or not. But what happens when our scientific conceptions of consciousness change?