Photo of three rats in a cage with a little red house and food and water available

The Moral Quandary of Testing on Animals

Animal testing is controversial, and it's because of questions ranging from consent to suffering to the 'greater good.'
Two beagle puppies on leashes sitting in a field of green grass

Considering Custody Arrangements for Companion Animals

How should we determine custody of companion animals in cases of divorce? Similar to child custody? California and Alaska say yes.
Photograph of a great white shark swimming in the sea

The Real-Life Consequences of Demonizing Sharks

While scary shark movies can be fun to watch, they negatively effect our understanding the importance of sharks in their ecosystems.
Three women in life jackets swimming with two dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins

Humans want to experience the beauty of dolphins, but we don't realize how much harm we might be causing them.
Photograph of two men and a dog standing in a burned structure

Saving Animals in Emergencies: The California Wildfires

In times of emergency, it's often hard for families to decide what to do with their pets. What should be our moral obligations towards our domesticated animals?
Photograph of people touring glass biospheres

Rethinking Modification of the Natural World

Humans have been modifying the natural world for millennia. But what is right -- the way the world was, or what we change it to be?
Photo of a rhino horn and several products claiming to have rhino horn in them

The Ethical Ramifications of Legalizing the Exotic Wildlife Trade

China's decision to permit the sale of rhino horns and tiger bones is controversial - but it's more than an ecological crisis. It's also about traditional medicine and preserving a culture.
Photograph of a person's hands holding a knife and fork with a piece of raw meat on a plate beneath the utensils

On Meat Eating: Cats, Dogs, and Carnism

Most Westerners are horrified at the idea of eating pet animals like cats and dogs. So why are other animals more acceptable?
Photograph of two orcas leaping with a crowd watching

Marine Education in a World Without SeaWorld

Since SeaWorld's bad press, education-based theme parks have been in decline. Is all ecological education headed the same way?

Classifying Species with the Help of Dino Dandruff

New discoveries are filling in the gaps of dinosaur evolution, but will these findings need new methods of classification?