Seeing the Olympics

The contradictions inherent in the Olympics make it difficult to reject or embrace completely.

Feel This

On the Brock Turner case and the moral reasoning needed to understand the perspectives involved.

Why The U.S. Should Embrace Instant Runoff Voting

Donald Trump benefitted from an electoral system that struggles with crowded candidate fields. Instant Runoff Voting could change that.

Diversity in Children’s Books: A White Author’s Quandary (Part II)

This post originally appeared September 29, 2015. In Part One of this two-part post on the moral importance of providing children with diverse books, I...

Jupiter’s New Companion

NASA's latest probe entered Jupiter's orbit late on July 4th, furthering debates on the value of space exploration.

Diversity in Children’s Books: A White Author’s Quandary (Part I)

This post originally appeared September 22, 2015. For the first time in census history, the majority of children living in the United States are now...

Social Media Vigils and Mass Shootings

Reflecting on the recent Orlando mass shooting, and the role social media plays in both passing gun control legislation and sensationalizing tragedies.

What We’re Reading: July 14, 2016

How Was Your Smartphone Made? Nobody Really Knows (Wall Street Journal) by Geoffrey A. Fowler "The more I ask about my phone’s roots in African mines...

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Law

Recent Supreme Court decisions have sparked controversy and set precedent for the ongoing abortion debate in America.

A Libertarian Perspective On Gendered Bathroom Segregation

Recently in the United States, bathroom usage rights for transgender people have come to the political fore. As a part of Title IX protections...