Prindle Interns

Competing Desires: Casual Sex in a Monogamous Society

Intern Grayson Pitts argues that college's culture of casual sex has problematic implications for monogamous relationships later in life.

This and That: The NRA’s Firearm Fairy Tales

Interns Conner Gordon and Connor McAndrew take a look at the NRA's controversial, firearm-themed retelling of childhood fairy tales.

Gun Violence and Public Health

Studies on gun violence and public health have long been stymied by Congressional and bureaucratic opposition. Amy Brown argues that it's time for this to change.

Fraternity Culture at DePauw, Revisited

Despite DePauw's strong tradition of Greek life, it is time to critically examine fraternities and the problematic trends in masculinity that they can create.

This and That: Addressing Sex Crimes in Afghanistan

"This and That" is a series of articles in which two Prindle interns weigh on different ethical aspects to an issue. This week, interns...

This and That: The Implications of Guns on Campus

The Texas legislature voted to allow guns within all public university buildings in Texas in June, with the legislation set to take effect in...

The Church of Green Capitalism

Religion has been notoriously hard to define since before the common era. Make the definition of “religion” too exclusive and well-established movements such as...

Forbidden Fruit: Apple, the FBI and Institutional Ethics

Corby Burger argues that the debate surrounding Apple, the FBI and cyber security must not only take place within the courts.

On Syria: The Border Dilemma

The situation in Syria has roots in the map drawing after World War II. Much like the African States, ethnic groups were divided between countries and conflict was bound to happen. Maybe these cultural boundaries are the key to solving the Syrian Crisis- is a two-state solution feesible?

On Syria: Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian aid is a vital component to alleviating suffering in Syria, but solely humanitarian aid will not solve the conflict.