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From the Cuckoo’s Nest to the Jailbird: What’s Happening to the...

Our mental health system has improved since the times of dungeons and horrific treatments. But with one-third of the homeless population diganosed with a mental illness, is there room for growth in the mental health treatment department?

Should Minors Stay in Adult Prisons?

In many states, minors charged with certain crimes can be tried as adults. Although some of the minors who enter the system are convicted...

Mein Kampf and German Censorship

Part of Post-World War II policy in Germany was to ban Nazi propaganda and symbols from being displayed. This includes propaganda from the Nazi...

It’s Time to Rethink Our Water Use

Our overuse of waterways like the Colorado River bodes poorly for the future of both the environment and our species.

Can Our Financial System Survive?

Our current financial system has brought growth and development to the world. But the risk of failure might be getting too immense to continue.

The Empty Chair: White Male Privilege at DePauw

Are the right people talking about white privilege?

The Right to Gluttony: Sustainability vs. Individual Rights

Can your individual right to have a steak be overruled by a global need for a sustainable future?

Walking on Thin Ice: Political Correctness and Redefining the Problem

Political correctness has become a fixture of American dialogue. Are we failing to address the real problems as a result?

In Defense of the Unpalatable: Protection of Hate Speech

Is there an upside to hate speech?

Just, Like, Whatever: Vocal Tics and Gender

The gendered dimension of criticisms surrounding tics such as vocal fry, upspeak, and use of “like” and “just."