Prindle Interns

Preparing for Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit

Pope Francis will be visiting the United States. What can we expect from his visit?

Learning How to Die: Lessons from Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks, a honored neurologist, openly grappled with his impending death from terminal illness. How can Americans learn how to die more gracefully?

Dissecting the Deathstagram

Online images of death raise questions of ethical viewership, victim privacy and morbid curiosity.

An Answer for Srebrenica

Reflections on being an outsider while studying the conflict in Bosnia.

Seeking Out Schrödinger’s Cat

The centrality of truth, untruth and the observer in Kosovo today.

Remembering the Underground Schools of Kosovo

Kosovo's parallel education system demonstrates the state of memory and competitive history in the country.

The Imperialism of Animal Crossing

Nintendo's classic "life sim" has influenced a generation of gamers. What do its problematic themes show about the ethics of in-game decisions?

Reclaiming Identity in Srebrenica

Examining the legacy of the Srebrenica genocide through the personal possessions of its victims.

A Rose in a City Square

On the ethics of studying abroad in a post-conflict city like Sarajevo.

In Wake of the Tomahawk

In Serbia, traces of postwar trauma can be found in the use of a single word.