Ethics in Culture

photograph of Doctor Strange comic book cover

Intersectionality and the Problem of the MCU’s Ancient One

Our various social identities often transcend the labels and boxes made to contain them.
close-up photograph of Philip Roth

On the Art of Evildoers

Is there any separating art from artist? Are publishers complicit? Cases continue to mount, but answers are hard to come by.
image of faded Captain America shield

On Climate Refugees and Captain America

Marvel's latest has superheroes struggling with problems we're only beginning to confront.
photograph of coroner and officer hovering over body

True Crime and Empathy

The genre is full of moral pitfalls and sticky situations for producers and consumers alike.
photograph of Walt Disney Statue with Disney Castle in background

Acknowledging a Violent Past: Disney’s Racist Fairy Tales

Given the impact Disney has in shaping young minds, might the company have an obligation to use its power to make amends for past harm?
image of failed tv signal noise

Grief and Saint Augustine (and WandaVision)

The latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks for the lessons that loss teaches.
photograph of tall stack of children's books

Philosophical Insights from Great Literature

What formative moral lessons hide in plain sight within the pages of the books that charted our childhood?
photograph of Britney Spears walking through crowd at event

Leaving Britney Alone

At bottom, the stories swirling around the pop icon all presume to pass judgment on another's capacity for autonomy.
photograph of empty London street at night

‘Locked Down’: Representing the Pandemic on Screen

What, if any, constraints should there be on the way the story we are currently living gets told?
image of ripped paper on white background

‘Malcolm & Marie’ and the Politics of Representation

Sam Levinson's latest again raises questions about the limitations of white writers writing non-white characters.