Ethics in Culture

photograph of used Game of Thrones book

Game of Thrones: Dragons, Despots, and Just War

The TV show addresses a host of philosophical issues from the principle of proportionality to jus post bellum and realpolitik.
photograph of tv screen displaying an Arthur episode

On Censorship, Same-Sex Marriage, and a Cartoon Rat

Recent censorship in Alabama and Arkansas of a cartoon same-sex marriage in a kids' show on public television raises questions about audience and inclusivity. Who is guilty of "having an agenda?"
photograph of a girl playing the trumpet in a group of young students

Elevating the Elite in Music: El Sistema and Cultural Hegemony

What can El Sistema tell us about the politics of music education? What's the right way to promote inclusion?
close-up image of cancel icon

Cancel Culture

As our social/political commentary continues to evolve on social media, we should ask what the value of cancelling someone really is.
Photograph of a type writer with the words "Lil Nas X" having just been typed

Lil Nas X vs. Billboard: The Charting Conundrum of “Old Town...

Are the boundaries of genre serving to create divides based on race in the music industry? And how might Billboard be complicit?
Photograph of a golf course showing a pond in the foreground, a distant person with a bag of clubs, and trees in the background

Power, Pollution, and Golf

Maybe golf is the most emblematic sport of the 21st century -- but that isn't necessarily a good thing.
Photograph of author Karl Ove Knausgard standing, holding a microphone, and reading from a book where the title "My Struggle" is visible

The Ethics of Telling All: What’s at Stake in Memoir Writing?

In memoir writing, where's the line between tell-all and telling too much?
A couch sits below a rental office.

Are Rentier Economies Ethical?

How does the current capitalist system intersect with the system of rent, and do both foster inequality? This article is part 2 of a series about Rentier Capitalism.
A wooden desk holds up the equipment for an at home office

Permalancing and What it Means for Work

“Full-time freelancing” is becoming the norm for more and more American workers. What does this trend mean?
Photograph of two women in dresses and a man on a stage with a Victoria's Secret pink background

Inclusion, Artistic Expression, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Inclusivity and diversity in fashion has been a topic of debate -- but what is that debate centered on?