Ethics in Culture

photograph of Squid Game game board

A Squid Meta-Game Rule

What might 'Squid Game' tell us about the loose requirements for meaningful agency that must be present in order to play any game?
image of Korean Squid Game logo

‘Squid Game,’ Class Struggle, and the Good Life

The show pulls back the curtain to expose the deep stratification in the modern day debtors prison we've constructed.
black-and-white photograph of glamorous woman looking in mirror

Praise and Resentment: The Moral of ‘Bad Art Friend’

Is there a basic truth, fundamental fact, or obvious lesson that might be hiding behind all this pettiness?
photograph of Amanda Gormanon stage

The Moral Dimension of Literary Translation

How do we ensure that works match author's intent when every word is loaded and every choice matters?
image of movie opening title sequence

Life Imitates Art (and So Does the News)

Seeing ourselves in the stories we've told has a way of showing us that the progress we think we've made sounds better in our head than it looks on paper.
image of stacked comic books

The Higher and Lower Pleasures of the French Culture Pass

Is there such a thing as an ideal way for teenagers to spend money on cultural experiences that might broaden their horizons?
pixelated image of Mona Lisa painting

Destroy the ‘Mona Lisa’ for an NFT?

Technology promises all sorts of improvements and advances, but can a work of art survive the new age of mechanical reproduction?
photograph of Doctor Strange comic book cover

Intersectionality and the Problem of the MCU’s Ancient One

Our various social identities often transcend the labels and boxes made to contain them.
close-up photograph of Philip Roth

On the Art of Evildoers

Is there any separating art from artist? Are publishers complicit? Cases continue to mount, but answers are hard to come by.
image of faded Captain America shield

On Climate Refugees and Captain America

Marvel's latest has superheroes struggling with problems we're only beginning to confront.