Ethics in Culture

Laughing at, or with, Hitler?

Look Who's Back's brutal satire raises questions about juxtaposing comedy and tragedy.

Censoring Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner's anti-Semitism raises ethical questions about performing his music as written or censoring his work to remove racist content.

The Ivory Trade: Ban or Regulate?

Some countries plan to contest the UN's ban on trading ivory. But would allowing the sale of legal ivory economically benefit countries, or increase the problem of illegal ivory poaching in dwindling elephant populations?

Lab-Grown Meat: Is it Kosher?

How should religious leaders accommodate lab-grown meat in belief-based diet restrictions?

Me Before You: Portraying Euthanasia in Film

Me Before You depicts the voluntary euthanasia of a disabled man, but time-limited film may not be the best medium in which to portray complicated ethical issues.

Multiracial Representation in Japan

From pageant winners to politicians, multiracial representatives of Japan on the world stage are challenging long-standing Japanese notions of what it means to be Japanese.

Disney’s Moana and Cultural Appropriation

While Disney's upcoming film Moana has potential to change industry standards, Disney also runs the risk of profiting off of inaccurately representing Polynesian culture.

Snapchat Specatacles and Changing Norms of Privacy

Snapchat has expanded out of your phone and onto your face. After changing their company's name to Snap, Snapchat is now ready for the...

Can We Reconcile Ivory and Art?

Amidst calls for a total ban on ivory, how does society incorporate legal antique and indigenous ivory art into the conversation?

The Sellout: Satire and Race Relations

"The Sellout" uses satire to depict race relations, but is this an inappropriate way to address complex conversations, or a step toward a solution?