Ethics in Culture

Censoring Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner's anti-Semitism raises ethical questions about performing his music as written or censoring his work to remove racist content.

Lab-Grown Meat: Is it Kosher?

How should religious leaders accommodate lab-grown meat in belief-based diet restrictions?

Laughing at, or with, Hitler?

Look Who's Back's brutal satire raises questions about juxtaposing comedy and tragedy.

The Ivory Trade: Ban or Regulate?

Some countries plan to contest the UN's ban on trading ivory. But would allowing the sale of legal ivory economically benefit countries, or increase the problem of illegal ivory poaching in dwindling elephant populations?

On Morally Supporting Abstinence-Based Sex Ed

Nathan Reed explores whether abstinence-only sex education is a moral way to talk about sex in a modern society.

Classical Music’s Accessibility Dilemma

How should classical musicians balance accessibility with preserving the traditions of their craft?

Has Your Newsfeed Hurt Your Mental Health?

On the ethics of viewing violent news on the internet.

Mother Teresa’s Canonization Controversy

On Mother Teresa and why even a saint has her critics.

Seeing the Olympics

The contradictions inherent in the Olympics make it difficult to reject or embrace completely.

Open Mike Eagle, Race and Getting the Joke

Couching racial differences in understanding alone does little to foster common ground. Here's how hip-hop could change that.