Ethics in Culture

Several different colored pills laid across a white table

Australia’s Pill Testing and Different Versions of Harm Minimization

This article examines the ethical implications of measuring the purity of the ingredients drugs so recreational users can be informed about the substances.
Photograph of a Captain Marvel poster above a movie theatre entrance; the poster shows Brie Larson as Captain Marvel standing with a star and flashing lights behind her

Military Propaganda and Empowerment in Captain Marvel

Marvel's newest hit Captain Marvel was marketed with female empowerment in mind, but what about the heavy military message?
Photograph of a bookshelf of uniform "harvard classic" books; visible titles are Don Quixote and The Aeneid

Classics in the Era of Trump

Is it dangerous or productive to filter the Trump administration through the lens of classical studies?
Sculpture of Esquire magazine's logo

Esquire and the Life of an American Boy

Esquire's featuring of a white, male teenager as their cover story during Black History Month was just one strike against an ultimately concerning cover story.
Mark Zuckerberg giving a speech against a blue background

Nasty, Brutish and Online: Is Facebook Revealing a Hobbesian Dystopia?

Was Thomas Hobbes right about human nature, and is Facebook proving it?
Namibian sand dunes outlined against blue sky

‘Toto Forever’ and the Ethics of Sound Pollution

Namibian artist Max Siedentopf's sound art installation of "Africa" by Toto is artistically intriguing but environmentally damaging.
A drawing of a king holding an old-fashioned safety razor with the message "Gillette Safety Razor: King of Them All"

Examining Masculinities: Why Gillette Struck a Nerve

Gillette’s foray into #MeToo activism meets with opposition. But how is its critique culturally situated?
An ad reading "Shave Yourself!" and a picture of a man pointing

The Gillette Controversy: The Best an Ad Can Be?

Should Gillette be in the business of activism and is their message objectionable?
Photograph of Slave Bible showing the edited Exodus passage

The Slave Bible: Editing the Word of God

In D.C.'s Museum of the Bible, there's an artifact that might change the way you think about slavery and Christianity. It's called the Slave Bible.
Photograph of an open notebook with a pen on it; written on the notebook is "New Years Resolutions"

New Year’s Resolutions and The Problem of Self-Promising

Is breaking your New Year's resolution the same as breaking a promise? Philosophers might give us an answer.