Ethics in Culture

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‘Malcolm & Marie’ and the Politics of Representation

Sam Levinson's latest again raises questions about the limitations of white writers writing non-white characters.
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The Social Justice of Copyrights and “Public Domain Day”

What might explain the delay in making our most important cultural artifacts freely accessible to the public?
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On Some Philosophical Roots of Pixar’s “Soul”

Pixar's latest film draws on ancient philosophy to explore the nature of existence and the meaning of life.
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Movies, Beliefs, and Dangerous Messages

Our tendency to portray evil by depicting physical deformity is a problem in need of correction.
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“Tenet” and Intergenerational Environmental Justice

What does it say about us if retaliation from future generations for environmental harm is justified?
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Jane Austen and Moral Instability

Austen has been claimed by all manner of social and political groups, but to whose camp does she rightfully belong?
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What Would Nietzsche Think of Sam and Dean Winchester?

The long-running show lowers the curtain by considering a familiar theme: what to do with our freedom once we cast off the divine yoke.
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The Ambiguous Perspective of HBO’s ‘Succession’

How the show situates the viewer and the relation it takes to its subject exposes familiar workings of power while making us complicit.
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Cardi B, Ben Shapiro, and the Pop Culture vs. High Culture...

Who is to say what constitutes high art or even what qualifies as art in the first place?
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Debate over the Anti-Racist Reading List

How should we approach the literature of racial justice, and how far can it take us?