Ethics in Culture

A drawing of a king holding an old-fashioned safety razor with the message "Gillette Safety Razor: King of Them All"

Examining Masculinities: Why Gillette Struck a Nerve

Gillette’s foray into #MeToo activism meets with opposition. But how is its critique culturally situated?
An ad reading "Shave Yourself!" and a picture of a man pointing

The Gillette Controversy: The Best an Ad Can Be?

Should Gillette be in the business of activism and is their message objectionable?
Photograph of Slave Bible showing the edited Exodus passage

The Slave Bible: Editing the Word of God

In D.C.'s Museum of the Bible, there's an artifact that might change the way you think about slavery and Christianity. It's called the Slave Bible.
Photograph of an open notebook with a pen on it; written on the notebook is "New Years Resolutions"

New Year’s Resolutions and The Problem of Self-Promising

Is breaking your New Year's resolution the same as breaking a promise? Philosophers might give us an answer.
Black and white photograph of a couple in an art gallery, standing in front of a picture, the woman is laughing

Dating and Choice in the Digital Age

Online dating offers people a wider choice in partners, but also might serve to intensify bias.
Photograph of an out-of-focus stage and the silhouettes of audience members

Do White People Appreciate Hip-Hop Or Do They Appropriate It?

Is hip-hop's popularity a function of appreciation or appropriation? And where should we draw the line?
Photograph of the cast of the TV show The Office all sitting for a press conference on set

Is All Comedy Ethical? The Office’s Irresponsible Use of Satire

Satire deliberately exaggerates societal issues to make a point -- and to make us change. But what if it doesn't work?
Photo of the Spotify logo behind a band on a stage

Spotify and the Ethics of Music Streaming

Spotify is convenient and inexpensive for listeners, but what compensation for the musicians who contribute to its catalog?
Banner for the game "Red Dead Redemption 2"

The Culture of Crunch: The Video Game Industry and Overwork

While the video game industry is booming, its employees are suffering from "crunch" - the period of intense work that comes before a release. Just how bad is it?
"Pusha T," by SImon Abrams licensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr).

Rap Feuds and Moral Standing

This article dives into the underlying moral issues that arise during Rap feuds, when rappers throw insults at one another. Are there things that are unethical to say in a feud?