Ethics in Culture

image of man in military gear firing weapon

It’s Just a Game: The Ethics of Tom Clancy’s Not-So-Elite Squad

Video games may not directly incite violence, but that doesn't mean they can't still send dangerous messages.
photograph of a Texas homestead at dusk surrounded by wilflowers

Cottagecore and the Ethics of Retreat

What could be the harm in the idealization of the simple life and commodification of the rural aesthetic?
photograph of halved fruits and vegetables arranged around yellow plate in the center

‘Bon Appetit’ and the Politics of Food

Food isn't as apolitical as we tend to assume, it's fraught with concerns regarding access and questions like what constitutes "ethnic" cuisine.
photograph of Eric Andre at an event

Shockingly Funny: The Morality of Eric Andre’s Comedy

Humor is often used to lampoon social and political beliefs, but how defensible is it when others are made the butt of the joke?
photograph of Mike Henry beside poster of Cleveland character he voices

White Skins, Black Masks: Voice Acting and Representation

Combating the underrepresentation of people of color in the entertainment industry is an important goal, but the way we go about it is equally important.
photograph of D&D figurines and dice

Dungeons, Dragons, and Du Bois’ Race Problem

What might be the real-world harm of racial essentialism in a fantasy role-playing game? What does it take to confront the Veil?
photograph of several rick and morty action figures

The Remote of Morty and the Ring of Gyges

The most recent episode of Rick and Morty raises familiar questions about the value of virtue—and the harm of immoral action—in the absence of consequences.
close-up photograph of police car on street at night

Lessons from ‘Queen and Slim’

Melina Matsoukas’s film offers a nuanced exploration of issues like police brutality and tries to communicate the realities of the black experience to a wider audience.
photograph of Disney castle

Gay Representation and ‘Onward’

Corporations often try to brand themselves as inclusive and progressive, but is there any substance behind these labels or is it all just marketing?

Ethical Messages at the Academy Awards

It has become common for those being honored to use their time on stage to comment on social justice issues. Should they?