Ethics News

photograph of C-SPAN floor vote TV coverage

The Value of Secrecy in Congress

If voting in secret encourages members of Congress to vote their conscience, why shouldn't secret voting be the norm?
image of anti-vaxx protestor

Why Anti-Vaxxers Are (Kind of) Like Marxists

The co-commitments of abortion-based anti-vaccine rhetoric seem to produce untenable results.
aerial photograph of Chicago lakefront skyline

A Chicago Suburb Tries Reparations

Evanston's latest policy proposal faces moral and legal challenges from enemies as well as would-be allies.
photograph of wind turbines at sunset

Renewable Energy and Local Autonomy in Indiana

Generating clean energy with turbines seems to be in our interests, but how do we decide where we should we put them?
image of Socrates drinking hemlock

What Is Cancel Culture?

Decried as the uncontrollable behemoth risen by the left, cancel culture has long existed as a societal tool that knows no affiliation.
black-and-white photograph of U.S. congress in session

The Broader Moral Issue Behind the Filibuster

Is the filibuster the linchpin holding it all together or a relic from a bygone era holding us back?
image of Facebook's masthead displayed on computer screen

Facebook Groups and Responsibility

Being conscious of our online behavior is the first step in combating misinformation.
photograph of "Stop Asian Hate' sign being held

More Than Words: Hate Crime Laws and the Atlanta Attack

Deploying the vocabulary of hate crime legislation might be more important than prosecuting offenders.
photograph of 'Q Army" sign displayed at political rally

QAnon and Two Johns

Recent events once again require us to explain on what grounds we might justify social restrictions to speech.
photograph of news camera recording press conference

In the Limelight: Ethics for Journalists as Public Figures

Given the impact of social media on journalism, we need a new understanding of what is and is not fit for public consumption.