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photograph of smoke on horizon from Australian bushfire

Australia’s Apocalyptic Summer

The situation in Australia is further complicated by the climate change politics at play. It may not have caused the fires, but climate change isn't only in the minds of "raving inner-city lefties" either.
A collage of four photographs of James Dean

Resurrecting James Dean: The Ethics of CGI Casting

From Carrie Fisher in Star Wars to James Dean in Finding Jack, the use of CGI is expanding. What could be the harm in bringing back beloved icons to the screen?
photograph of machines at a coal mine at dawn

When Moral Arguments Don’t Work

Is addiction a useful framework for explaining inaction regarding global heating? Or does it simply excuse bad behavior?
photograph of sign at Korean Costco identifying holidays

State Neutrality and Public Holidays

The politics behind government-recognized holidays often go unnoticed, but the message that is sent says a lot.
photograph of woman at computer, Christmas tree in background

Search Engines and Data Voids

The internet is awash with misinformation; internet browsers are not created equal, and search engines don't deliver identical results.
blurry photograph of decorated Christmas trees

Christmas Music and Emotional Manipulation

Songs like Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas" attempt to harness holiday sentiment to support charitable causes. Should they?
close-up photograph of Australia on globe

No Country for Indigenous Men?

The case of Daniel Love and Brendon Thoms asks difficult questions about immigration: Is the world comprised only of citizens and aliens? Can two of Australia's First People be deported for not having citizenship?
photograph of empty US Capitol steps

Of Trump and Truth

The political assault on truth has far-reaching implications. Can we save government from Orwellian dystopia and rescue ethics from a world without facts?
image of divided brain; fluid on one side, curcuitry on the other

In Search of an AI Research Code of Conduct

The potential for oversight is limited, but a policy of self-policing asks too much. How should we regulate AI research?
photograph of surgery performed with help of teleprescence robot

Rural Health Disparities and Telemedicine

Those in rural areas face a significantly higher risk of death from common causes than their urban counterparts. Is telemedicine the solution to this disparity?