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photograph of power plant smoke stacks

Climate Justice: Whose Responsibility?

Is our duty to combat global heating grounded in responsibility, justice, or humanitarian concern? Why might this distinction matter?
photograph of Rodney Reed from prison

Justice and Rodney Reed: Evidence, Sentencing, and Appeal

The case of Rodney Reed raises a number of troubling issues from the public's impact on procedural fairness to retrial's claim to justice.
Yellow and white corridor with metallic doors of cell rooms in old prison

Cruel and Unusual Reasoning? Some Recent SCOTUS Decisions on the Eighth...

Lee Boyd Malvo's appeal asks the Supreme Court to explain the bounds of what cruel and unusual punishment - what it does, and does not, mean.
photograph of defibrillator practice on a CPR dummy

Is Death Forever?: The Case of Benjamin Schreiber

Schreiber's case highlights the ambiguity surrounding terms like "death" and "life without parole."
scan of appendix title page from 1978 report

Some Ethical Problems with Footnotes

What might be the moral implications of our notation choices in academic research? Could the ongoing debate over footnotes or endnotes be a moral debate?
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Is This an Emergency?: Why Language Matters

The language we use to describe the state of our world has significant influence in motivating human action.
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Forbidden Knowledge in Scientific Research

Given the profound societal effect that scientific studies can have, are there kinds of research that shouldn't be done or results that shouldn't be published? Can scientific censorship be justified?
image of ovarian follicles

Commodification and Exploitation in Egg Donation

Egg donation holds invaluable promise for many, but it is also rife with societal implications for all.

Marieke Vervoort and Deciding How to Die

The recent passing of Belgian Paralympian Marieke Vervoort prompts reflection on the thorny issues surrounding aid in dying legislation.
photograph of stethescope and blood pressure pump

MDs vs. NDs: On the Regulation of Naturopathic Medicine

NDs and MDs are both concerned for the public's health and patient autonomy, but is formally distinguishing NDs from unlicensed practitioners an advancement of, or a hindrance to, those goals?