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Virtual Work and the Ethics of Outsourcing

What rules should govern the virtual workplace and how should we conceive of foreign labor in the digital marketplace?
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Unions and Worker Agency

How can workers best identify, articulate, and defend their individual interests?
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Do Grades Make Our Lives Worse?

Has school assessment morphed into an unhelpful practice in need of correcting?
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No Fun and Games

The same psychological nudges that make gamification so effective are the very same that make it so dangerous.
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Sexual Violence in the Metaverse: Are We Really “There”?

What are the relevant differences separating the physical and the virtual spaces that might explain how our treatment changes?
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The Pascal’s Wager of Cryopreservation

Despite slim odds, the possibility of cheating death presents an awfully attractive payoff.
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Digital Degrees and Depersonalization

Online learning has been a useful tool for solving some problems but its also been responsible for exacerbating others.
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Information Deficits and Not Enough Civics Majors

Changing hearts and minds is about more than simply coming with receipts.
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Celebrity, Wealth, and Meaning in Life

The assumptions we make regarding the rich and famous could stand further investigation.
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The Obligations of Players and Fans

How should we determine the limits of acceptable behavior when it comes to player-fan interactions?