Ethics News

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What Morgellons Disease Teaches Us about Empathy

What kind of compassion and consideration can be shown to those we do not believe and lack the ability to trust?
photograph of Matt Hancock delivering press briefing

Do Politicians Have a Right to Privacy?

Are Matt Hancock's transgressions enough to overcome the presumption in favor of upholding one's individual rights?
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Bill Cosby and Rape Culture

The message sent by the Cosby saga is one we can ill-afford to let go unchallenged.
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Sha’Carri Richardson and the Spirit of the Game

Is the Olympics's selective ban on substance abuse about protecting the sport or projecting an image?
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“Cruel Optimism,” Minimum Wage, and the Good Life

Hollow rhetoric and empty promises keep an ever-elusive payday always on the horizon.
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Conservatorships and the Problem of Possessing People

The relationship between guardians and their charges raises important questions; representing the interests of others is often fraught with peril.
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An End to Pandemic Precautions?

How can we decide which precautions we should carry with us and which are better left behind?
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On “Dog-Wagging” News: Why What “Lots of People” Say Isn’t Newsworthy

Focusing public attention on any one thing inevitably means exercising discretion. How does one wield it responsibly?
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Educating Professionals

How might the value of education transcend economic assessment? What goods might it deliver beyond mere job-training?
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Revenge Porn, Public Interest, and Free Speech

In what circumstances could revenge porn ever be considered protected speech?