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black-and-white photgraph of protestors holding "Defund the Police" sign

“Defund the Police”: A Powerful if Ambiguous Slogan

Abolishing law enforcement as we know it could mean many different things. Can the history of the police force give us direction in where to go from here?
photograph of bar graph made of various colored blocks

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Statistics have long been manipulated and misrepresented. Numbers rarely speak for themselves, and (intentionally or not) we don't speak well for them.
photograph of packed arena at Trump rally

How Words Translate to Action: The Ramifications of Trump’s Rhetoric

The way words are received is not merely a matter of the speaker's intent. And the words spoken by government officials operate differently than those of everyday citizens.
photograph of empty movie theater with lights up

AMC, Face Masks, and Avoiding Political Controversy

We bemoan politicization, but we must acknowledge that our policies and statements send a message even if unintentional.
Statue of confederate general Robert E Lee with spray painted writing on plinth

Removing Monuments, Grappling with History

With calls for removing Confederate monuments coming to a head, how should we view them in history? Context is key, and monuments alone do not constitute educational material.
Anderson Cooper standing at a podium with a woman sitting in a chair behind him

Consent, Commodification, and Anderson Cooper’s Surrogacy Case 

Anderson Cooper's decision to have a child through surrogacy brings to the fore questions of consent and the implications of commodifying life.
Detail of the SCOTUS building that reads "equal justice under law"

Gorsuch, Textualism, and The Magic Lamp

How did a staunchly conservative Supreme Court judge side with a sweeping win for the LGBT community? The answer lies in textualism.
A group of six people holding signs at a protest, gathering to be included in a selfie taken with a phone

Protest Selfies and the Wrong of Grandstanding

There's a few things wrong with taking selfies at protests, not least among them moral grandstanding. Pictures can endanger other protesters and objectify the very cause you might be trying to support.
Color-coded chart showing the risk of covid-19 in UK

The Moral Pitfalls of Color-Coded Coronavirus Warning Systems

As states re-open, risk is frequently presented in a four-tiered color-coded chart. That chart doesn't present meaningful data or allow us to understand risk: it's a false sense of security.
Police officer on horseback. Both horse and person are shown from behind

The Immorality of Nonhuman Police Officers

As many police practices come under increasing scrutiny, we must consider the role of nonhuman animals in police forces.