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Educating Professionals

How might the value of education transcend economic assessment? What goods might it deliver beyond mere job-training?
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A Stark Divide: On Critical Race Theory in the Classroom

Why might race-based education be necessary for developing our youth into fully-fledged adults?
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Underrepresentation in Clinical Trials and COVID-19

Our dedication to the value of efficiency means that the historically marginalized stay marginalized.
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The Broader Moral Issue Behind the Filibuster

Is the filibuster the linchpin holding it all together or a relic from a bygone era holding us back?
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On an Imperative to Educate People on the History of Race...

"History is not the past. It is the present. We carry our history with us. We are our history." - James Baldwin
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The Cost of Free Speech

Freedoms come with responsibilities and must be balanced against other moral values.
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The Ethics of Presidential Polling

Can we justify the choice to make unofficial presidential polling data available to the masses while the result is still out?
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Accountability, Negligence, and Bad Faith

Calls for Senators Cruz and Hawley to resign are only growing louder, but of what wrong might they be guilty?
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Should At-Home Workers Be Taxed?

If at-home workers must chip in more money to the pot as a matter of fairness, surely there are others who might be similarly obligated.
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Misericordia and Trump’s Illness

Can virtue ethics ever justify wishing harm to come to others?