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Can moral laws exist without God? A brief introduction to “Robust...

Last week we published the abstract of Erik Wielenberg's new book, Robust Ethics: The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Godless Normative Realism. In this guest post,...

Why The U.S. Should Embrace Instant Runoff Voting

Donald Trump benefitted from an electoral system that struggles with crowded candidate fields. Instant Runoff Voting could change that.

Forbidden Fruit: Apple, the FBI and Institutional Ethics

Corby Burger argues that the debate surrounding Apple, the FBI and cyber security must not only take place within the courts.

A Libertarian Argument for Public Education

A recent Gallup poll found that 70% of Americans favor using federal money to expand pre-school programs across the country. There were differences along...

“Enhanced Interrogation” versus Torture

On December 9, the Senate released their assessment of CIA documents relating to "enhanced interrogation." The question of course is whether "enhanced interrogation" was anything...

Fraternity Culture at DePauw, Revisited

Despite DePauw's strong tradition of Greek life, it is time to critically examine fraternities and the problematic trends in masculinity that they can create.

Destroying Medieval Books – And Why That’s Useful

By Erik Kwakkel This post was originally posted at Medieval Books, and is posted here with Dr. Kwakkel's permission.  Old furniture, broken cups, worn-out shoes and stinky mattresses:...

Ethics of School Cancellation – Day of Inclusion

With the recent announcement of details regarding DePauw University’s Day of Inclusion activities, some in our community have questioned whether cancellation of school and...

#DearDePauw: What’s it All About?

Explaining the social justice movement that is #DearDePauw.

Pokemon Go and the Public Space

The popular augmented reality app underscores tensions between the individual, technology and the public space.