photograph of migrant workers harvesting sweet potatoes

Farmworker Abuse and Agricultural Exceptionalism

Farmwork has been treated much differently than other forms of labor. Is this difference justified or is it time for change?
photograph of stands at women's world cup match

Do Women’s Soccer Players Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Play?

In assessing the different sides of the debate there are a number of relevant factors at play from relative commercial value to social message and even historical injustice.
photograph of exterior of Sephora outlet

Sephora and Diversity Training

Diversity training is being used more and more often in the wake of incidents of racial bias. Is it more than a mea culpa?
Smiling caregiver embracing happy senior woman in nursing home

Does Care Require Personhood? The Ethics of Robot Caregiving

Emerging healthcare technologies like Rudy, Addison, and PARO should prompt us to reassess the healthcare industry and to contemplate the difference between service and care.

Establishing Liability in Artificial Intelligence

Algorithms are capable of causing harm, but it isn't easy to identify who should be held accountable when they do.
closeup photograph of Ben Franklin's face on $100 bill

Kylie Jenner and the Possibility of Being “Self-Made”

What can a controversy over the "self-made" title tell us about privilege and inequality?
close-up photo of Wendy's logo

The Ethics of Brand Humanization

Corporations' push to attract a marketing-resistant demographic is producing some troubling effects.
Photograph of a Sky airplane taking off

Airplane Crashes and the Diffusion of Responsibility

How can we evaluate moral responsibility in cases like the Boeing airplane crashes?
A wooden desk holds up the equipment for an at home office

Permalancing and What it Means for Work

“Full-time freelancing” is becoming the norm for more and more American workers. What does this trend mean?
A rusted red sign that says For Rent

What is Rentier Capitalism?

How ethical is economic rent implemented broadly in the context of capitalism?