photograph of various banknotes from around the world

Is Now the Time for an Economics Code of Conduct?

In the absence of a substantial ethical code of conduct, it's difficult to assess the weight that economic recommendations should have in the realm of public policy.
photograph of overcrowded UHaul rental lot

U-Haul’s Anti-Smoking Workplace Wellness

UHaul's new nicotine-free hiring policy masquerades as a wellness initiative, but is it merely discrimination by any other name?
photograph of person meditating before dawn

Mindfulness, Capitalism, and the Ethics of Compassion

Mindfulness has found a second life, but appears divorced from its roots. What does the co-opting of the technique mean?
photograph of blurred crowds moving through two-story mall

Black Friday and Ethical Consumption

Being an ethical consumer requires more than purchasing sustainable products fairly made.
photograph of large, boarded-up house

The House of No Consent

Haunted houses, like McKamey Manor, put pressure on our conceptions of consent and autonomy. What makes this kind of "voluntary slavery" objectionable? Why interfere in the affairs of two consenting adults?
photograph of butcher instruction manual with images of different cuts of meat of pig

Incentive, Risk, and Oversight in the Pork Industry

Recent deregulation in the slaughterhouse will effectively mean no one is watching the watchmen. What does true oversight require?
photograph of Chick-fil-a storefornt

Toronto vs. Chick-Fil-A: Only About Chicken?

When corporations express ideological positions can we truly separate what it is to be a patron from what it is to be a supporter?
photograph of flag ceremony at NFL football game

Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick: Is It Business or Personal?

What responsibility, if any, does JAY-Z have with regards to Colin Kaepernick and his partnership with the NFL?
photograph of Jay-Z mural

Jay-Z and the NFL: Hypocrisy or Suite Participation?

What, if any, obligation does Jay-Z, as a high-profile advocate for social justice and a recognizable brand, have to not condone or distract from the NFL's many public relation problems?
close-up photograph of a raw cut of meat

What’s In a Name? The Morality in “Meat”

Recent legal challenges to the use of 'meat' and 'milk' labels for alternatives (from Tofurky to soymilk and even in vitro meat) lack legal weight and moral reason.