Literature and Writing

The Handmaid’s Tale and Commodifying Reproduction

Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel, now a popular show, poses troubling parallels for surrogacy in the United States.

Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora and Intergenerational Responsibility

Kim Stanley Robinson's latest work raises a key question: what do current generations owe to those who are not yet born?

Did Bob Dylan Deserve a Nobel?

Bob Dylan's Nobel award opens up questions of music as literature, as well as how the Nobel committee chooses its honorees.

The Sellout: Satire and Race Relations

"The Sellout" uses satire to depict race relations, but is this an inappropriate way to address complex conversations, or a step toward a solution?

Laughing at, or with, Hitler?

Look Who's Back's brutal satire raises questions about juxtaposing comedy and tragedy.

Should Musician’s Intent Matter to Political Campaigns?

Are politicians wrong to appropriate music for their own purposes? Your answer probably depends on how you read literature.

This and That: The NRA’s Firearm Fairy Tales

Interns Conner Gordon and Connor McAndrew take a look at the NRA's controversial, firearm-themed retelling of childhood fairy tales.

Copyrighting Anne Frank’s Diary

On January 1, Anne Frank's diary was published online by more than one person, despite outcry from the Anne Frank Fonds, the foundation founded...

Mein Kampf and German Censorship

Part of Post-World War II policy in Germany was to ban Nazi propaganda and symbols from being displayed. This includes propaganda from the Nazi...

Whiteness and Go Set a Watchman

The release of author Harper Lee's long-awaited second novel, Go Set a Watchman, has sparked controversy even before hitting the shelves. Central among these...