Literature and Writing

gouache and ink painting of Iris Murdoch

Iris Murdoch and the Moral Dimensions of Literature

Is morality to be found in abstracted and universalizable concepts and theories, or in the subjective, situatedness of characters rooted in their earthly contexts? What can literature tell us about our moral universe?
photograph of Peter Handke

Morality on the Side: Peter Handke and the Nobel Prize

Literary criticism often encourages us to separate the art from the artist, but the Nobel Committee's recognition of Peter Handke makes the issue bigger than what's on the page.
photograph of border wall stretching into the distance

Race, Authorship, and American Dirt: Who Owns Migration Narratives?

The backlash over American Dirt raises important questions about our ability to inhabit the space of the Other.
blurred photograph of bookshelf with birght, colorful books

Debate over the Anti-Racist Reading List

How should we approach the literature of racial justice, and how far can it take us?
A photo of an operating room during surgery

The Transplant Scenario in Fiction and Film

Fictional representations of organ transplant scenarios offer valuable insights into the real-world practice.
Art piece showing dark backdrop with pinpricks of light creating a 3D image of a woman and a kind of landscape

Afrofuturism: The Beginning of the End for Stereotypical Black People in...

Will the success of Black Pather herald a new age of Afrofuturism in media?
Photograph of a bookshelf of uniform "harvard classic" books; visible titles are Don Quixote and The Aeneid

Classics in the Era of Trump

Is it dangerous or productive to filter the Trump administration through the lens of classical studies?
Photograph of author Karl Ove Knausgard standing, holding a microphone, and reading from a book where the title "My Struggle" is visible

The Ethics of Telling All: What’s at Stake in Memoir Writing?

In memoir writing, where's the line between tell-all and telling too much?
photograph of caution tape around library book shelves

Banned Books: Why the Restricted Section Is Where Learning Happens

How should we balance the social and educational benefits of controversial literature with the danger it might pose for impressionable young minds?