Review: Jupiter Ascending is Ridiculous yet Thought-Provoking

Though overwhelmingly panned in reviews (a critic from The Observer called it "utter nonsense"), Jupiter Rising was a remarkably thought-provoking film. For all of its excess, it raised...

Banning “India’s Daughter”

The film "India's Daughter" has stirred up controversy worldwide over the past few days. The film details the brutal gang rape of 23-year-old Jyoti...

Mes Aynak’s Intrinsic Cultural Value

One of the many reasons that weighing ethical dilemmas is such a challenge is because we're often faced with a conflict between measurable and immeasurable value. We see this often...

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Whitewashing Stonewall

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Michael Bay's new film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi was released on Friday. The film is meant to depict what happened in...

Laughing at, or with, Hitler?

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Me Before You: Portraying Euthanasia in Film

Me Before You depicts the voluntary euthanasia of a disabled man, but time-limited film may not be the best medium in which to portray complicated ethical issues.

Disney’s Moana and Cultural Appropriation

While Disney's upcoming film Moana has potential to change industry standards, Disney also runs the risk of profiting off of inaccurately representing Polynesian culture.

Arrival, Nietzsche and Choosing Your Life

If you were to see the triumphs and misfortunes of your life unfold ahead of you, would you choose to experience it?