photograph of Polanski at Cannes

Artist, Art, and Appreciation: Where Is There Space for Morality?

Honoring the works of controversial artists like Roman Polanski sends a political message that transcends the confines of art.
Art piece showing dark backdrop with pinpricks of light creating a 3D image of a woman and a kind of landscape

Afrofuturism: The Beginning of the End for Stereotypical Black People in...

Will the success of Black Pather herald a new age of Afrofuturism in media?
close-up photograph of police car on street at night

Lessons from ‘Queen and Slim’

Melina Matsoukas’s film offers a nuanced exploration of issues like police brutality and tries to communicate the realities of the black experience to a wider audience.

When Men Dominate the Film Industry, What’s the Problem?

Pushing equality in the film industry demands looking at exactly what kind of equality is the best to pursue.