Fine Arts

image of photographers and fans with actors of the Black Panther film

All Hail the King

What does Marvel's new Black Panther film do for people of color?
A photo of mumble rapper Lil Yachty at a concert

The Duality of Hip-Hop: An Examination of Mumble Rap

Mumble rap has both its ardent fans and harsh critics. But what impact will the subgenre have on the social impact of hip-hop?
Black and white photograph of a cubist exhibition in a museum

Reputation over Potential: “Classic” Humor, Art History, and the Women on...

Hannah Gadsby, lauded comedian, also has an art history degree. And she's got something to say about Pablo Picasso.
close-up photograph of police car on street at night

Lessons from ‘Queen and Slim’

Melina Matsoukas’s film offers a nuanced exploration of issues like police brutality and tries to communicate the realities of the black experience to a wider audience.
photograph of a girl playing the trumpet in a group of young students

Elevating the Elite in Music: El Sistema and Cultural Hegemony

What can El Sistema tell us about the politics of music education? What's the right way to promote inclusion?
photograph of Good Omens advertisement on escalator

Free Speech and Good Omens

The recent petition by Return to Order demanding the cancellation of Good Omens by Netflix raises questions about free speech and art. What are the motivations, obligations, and limitations in protesting hurtful art?