Fine Arts

photograph of TikTok icon on ipod sitting on empty counter

Is TikTok Good or Bad for Rap?

Is this new medium reducing art to a formulaic hunt for virality or is it inspiring innovation and increasing independent artists' opportunity for exposure?
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Debate over the Anti-Racist Reading List

How should we approach the literature of racial justice, and how far can it take us?
pixelated image of Mona Lisa painting

Destroy the ‘Mona Lisa’ for an NFT?

Technology promises all sorts of improvements and advances, but can a work of art survive the new age of mechanical reproduction?
photograph of statues in front of Philadelphia Art Museum

Conservation and the Weight of History

The tight grip we hold on historic artifacts is motivated in no small part by the need to control the narrative.
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The Moral Dimension of Literary Translation

How do we ensure that works match author's intent when every word is loaded and every choice matters?
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Amazon’s Influence on Literature

The virtual marketplace is having a profound effect on the commodification and consumption of literature.