Fine Arts

Photograph of two women in dresses and a man on a stage with a Victoria's Secret pink background

Inclusion, Artistic Expression, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Inclusivity and diversity in fashion has been a topic of debate -- but what is that debate centered on?
Photograph of a Captain Marvel poster above a movie theatre entrance; the poster shows Brie Larson as Captain Marvel standing with a star and flashing lights behind her

Military Propaganda and Empowerment in Captain Marvel

Marvel's newest hit Captain Marvel was marketed with female empowerment in mind, but what about the heavy military message?
Photograph of a bookshelf of uniform "harvard classic" books; visible titles are Don Quixote and The Aeneid

Classics in the Era of Trump

Is it dangerous or productive to filter the Trump administration through the lens of classical studies?
J. Cole sitting at a signing table shaking the hand of a fan

Is J. Cole the Savior of Hip-Hop?

Hip-hop has a complex relationship with old school and new school, but J. Cole might bring the genre to a more stylistically inclusive middle ground.
Namibian sand dunes outlined against blue sky

‘Toto Forever’ and the Ethics of Sound Pollution

Namibian artist Max Siedentopf's sound art installation of "Africa" by Toto is artistically intriguing but environmentally damaging.
A Stradivarius violin displayed in a museum case

The Sound of a Stradivarius: Preserving Art Through Reproduction

When it comes to the exceptional sound of a Stradivarius violin, will digitization and reproduction affect our opinion of its artistry?
Photograph of an out-of-focus stage and the silhouettes of audience members

Do White People Appreciate Hip-Hop Or Do They Appropriate It?

Is hip-hop's popularity a function of appreciation or appropriation? And where should we draw the line?
Photograph of a billboard that says Avery's Auto Salvage and 24-Hour Towing

Making a Murderer, Brain Fingerprinting, and the Ownership of Thoughts

Netflix's Making a Murderer sometimes uses questionable practices to tell true crime stories. Among these methods is "brain fingerprinting."
Photograph of the cast of the TV show The Office all sitting for a press conference on set

Is All Comedy Ethical? The Office’s Irresponsible Use of Satire

Satire deliberately exaggerates societal issues to make a point -- and to make us change. But what if it doesn't work?
Photo of the Spotify logo behind a band on a stage

Spotify and the Ethics of Music Streaming

Spotify is convenient and inexpensive for listeners, but what compensation for the musicians who contribute to its catalog?