Visual Arts

An in-game screenshot of Fallout 4, where a man points a weapon at a zombie.

Evolving Apocalyptic Narratives and the Ethics of Fallout

As our fears about the apocalypse have changed, so have our media depicting them. What do these new forms of media say about morality in a post-apocalyptic environment?

Fearless Girl, Charging Bull

Wall Street's sculpture showdown provokes questions of artist intent in public art.

In Dana Schutz’s Open Casket, Interrogating the Aesthetics of Erasure

Rather than obscuring the forces that led to Emmett Till's murder, Dana Schutz's controversial painting of Till's open casket forces the viewer to reflect on racism's dehumanization.

Richard Mosse and the Ethics of Photographing Crisis

Richard Mosse's photos of the refugee crisis, taken with equipment originally used for military surveillance, spark questions of depicting the vulnerable.

Aylan Kurdi and Ai Weiwei

Images of the Syrian refugee crisis by Ai Weiwei have sparked controversy and questions of how to respond to the tragedy of Aylan Kurdi.

Reclaiming Identity in Srebrenica

Examining the legacy of the Srebrenica genocide through the personal possessions of its victims.

Colonialism and the Western Museum

The difficult struggle between saving antiquities and practicing cultural colonialism.

Unperformable Works and the Ontology of Art

In February, Dr. Wesley Cray of Grand Valley State University presented his talk "Unperformable Works and the Ontology of Art" as a part of the...

“The Briefcase”: Is Awareness Enough?

For "altruism porn" shows like "The Briefcase," is raising awareness justification enough?

Whiteness, Accessibility and the Art Museum

Traditionally "white spaces," art museums must navigate the tensions between accessibility, representation and financial stability.