Higher Education

photograph of Princeton University's campus

ICE Ruling and Universities’ Autonomy

The new Immigration and Customs Enforcement rule usurps the ability of universities to define what is and is not a relevant piece of a student's academic experience.
photograph of exterior of classroom building at Harvard

Universities and the Burdens of Risk

College campuses prepare to welcome students back this Fall, but is there any such think as a "safe" re-opening? Who is to blame if such plans fail?
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Coronavirus, College Board, and AP Exams

Non-ideal testing conditions and a makeshift exam threaten to undermine our commitment to equality in education.
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The Value of Socialization in College

Changes to higher education raise the question of the value of the college experience including residential colleges and face-to-face instruction. Can the goods they bestow be replicated?
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To My Fellow Students and Our Institutions:

Just as in the case of climate change, it seems we have a difficult time organizing to combat an unseen threat. Is education the answer?
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Further Questions for Universities Closed by COVID-19

The unexpected and rapid migration of college courses to digital platforms is bound to bring difficulties.
photograph of gate to school with "SCHOOL CLOSED" sign

The Moral Case for University Closure

Universities and colleges have an obligation to their faculty, staff, students, as well as the larger communities they inhabit to slow the spread of disease.
photograph of campus building at McGill University

University Divestment from Fossil Fuels

What are universities' ultimate aims? Who do they serve? Do these answers have anything to say about college's investment portfolios?
photograph of campus building at the University of Tennessee

Cui Bono? Public Goods and College Education

Policy proposals from presidential candidates concerning higher education present very different views on the value of a college degree. What kind of good is it?
photograph of Indiana University campus

Freedom of Speech and Sexist Tweets

Rasmusen's role as educator complicates his right to expression as a private citizen. Legality points one way; morality may point another.