Higher Education

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Further Questions for Universities Closed by COVID-19

The unexpected and rapid migration of college courses to digital platforms is bound to bring difficulties.
photograph of gate to school with "SCHOOL CLOSED" sign

The Moral Case for University Closure

Universities and colleges have an obligation to their faculty, staff, students, as well as the larger communities they inhabit to slow the spread of disease.
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University Divestment from Fossil Fuels

What are universities' ultimate aims? Who do they serve? Do these answers have anything to say about college's investment portfolios?
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Cui Bono? Public Goods and College Education

Policy proposals from presidential candidates concerning higher education present very different views on the value of a college degree. What kind of good is it?
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Freedom of Speech and Sexist Tweets

Rasmusen's role as educator complicates his right to expression as a private citizen. Legality points one way; morality may point another.
scan of appendix title page from 1978 report

Some Ethical Problems with Footnotes

What might be the moral implications of our notation choices in academic research? Could the ongoing debate over footnotes or endnotes be a moral debate?
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The DOJ vs. NACAC: Autonomy and Paternalism in Higher Ed

Recent reforms to college recruitment alter the traditional understanding of universities relationship to students.
photograph of Felicity Huffman and William H Macy

Felicity Huffman Sentencing: Justice and Fairness in Punishment

Are fines an appropriate punishment when the wealthy attempt to purchase social, political, and economic advantage at others' expense?
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Digital Textbooks in Higher Education

The transition to an ebook market for college textbooks has important consequences for internet piracy and student debt.
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The Morehouse Gift and Reliance on Billionaires

Recent charitable gifts by billionaires to college graduates in debt highlight the complications that come from individuals trying to solve collective action problems.