Higher Education

photograph of bell at Morehouse College

The Morehouse Gift and Reliance on Billionaires

Recent charitable gifts by billionaires to college graduates in debt highlight the complications that come from individuals trying to solve collective action problems.
Photograph of empty seats in university lecture hall

Camille Paglia and Campus Free Speech

What does the right to free speech mean in higher education? What are the rights and duties of students and professors? What separates controversial views from hateful ones?
photograph of campus quad with students

Blame and Forgiveness in Student Loan Debt

What do Elizabeth Warren's proposed policies regarding student debt relief say about responsibility and fairness?
Photograph of the stone facade of the University of Idaho Library

University Administrations, Private Governments, and Denise Bennett

Are large-scale employers like big companies or universities similar to authoritarian governments? The ongoing Denise Bennett/University of Idaho saga underscores the power asymmetries between employers and employees.
Photograph of a lecturer speaking to a hall of students

Should You Rate Your Professor? The Ethics of Student Evaluations

Just how reliable are student evaluations of teachers at the end of the semester? Often, they reveal biases.
Photograph of a banner that says "office of admissions"

The Ethics of Legacy Admissions

While most legacy students are perfectly qualified, the practice itself seems to help one party disproportionately - the university itself.
Slightly angled view of the exterior of a large complex of buildings known as the Tokyo Medical and Dental University with a stand of trees in front

Affirmative Action and A Medical University’s Attempt at No Girls Allowed

A key tool to deal with a history of discriminatory practices has been affirmative action, preferential weighing of marginalized groups in order to reach some desired level of representation. The effectiveness of this tool and the grounds of justifying the preferential treatment come with difficult questions of equality and distributive justice.
An image of three bathroom stalls, with one stall door open.

Bathrooms and the Board of Trustees: The Ethics of DePauw’s Restroom...

Recent protests at DePauw have used women's restrooms to target the Board of Trustees' political giving, generating controversy about the substance and style of activism on campus.
A photo of an academic building at Wilfrid Laurier University

Pronouns and Provocateurs: Wilfrid Laurier University’s Free Speech Controversy

A controversy at Canada's Wilfrid Laurier university raises questions about the nature of gender pronouns and free expression in the classroom.
An image of the Yale Beinecke Rare Books Library

The Digital Humanities: Overhyped or Misunderstood?

The onset of algorithmic and quantitative approaches to the humanities has left many scholars grappling with the role of digital technologies in their work.