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photograph of barbed wire fence at border

The Poland-Belarus Border Crisis: The Ethics of Blackmail

Is the principled refusal to come to the negotiating table with terrorists a morally justified stance?
photograph of drug vials and vintage syringe

Death Row Inmates, Execution, and Choice

What consideration do we owe those convicted of violent crimes? What can't we ask them to do?
photorgaph of Air Canda plane in air

The Ethical Risks of Ad-Hoc Bilingualism

What kind of jobs and services might legitimately require a foot in both worlds?
photograph of the Statue of Cain in Paris

On the Appropriateness of Shame

How can we even begin to chart the contours of such a nebulous thing?
photograph of COP26 banner

The Politics of Earth’s Climate

What have we learned? What is our goal? Where do we go from here?
photograph of COVID vaccination in outdoor tent

Fair Shares and COVID-19 Booster Shots

What blame do we bear for enjoying the ill-gotten gains secured by our government?
photograph of Lady Justice figurine

In the Rittenhouse Case, Justice Is (to Some Extent) in the...

The verdict answers a narrow question regarding self-defense, but cannot speak to the broader uses we've made of it.
photograph of courthouse columns and sky

Niti, Nyaya, and Kyle Rittenhouse: One Kind of Justice Is in...

The multiple uses to which 'justice' can be put has us talking past one another.
blurred photograph of busy hospital hallway

Should Clinicians Have Soapboxes?

Does the unique position of medical professionals make them the best commentators or the worst?
photograph of stethoscope wrapped around phone

Hotline Ping: Chatbots as Medical Counselors?

Does distrust of healthcare automation come from legitimate moral concern or blind confidence in the personal touch?