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On Booster Shot Boycotts and Participatory Democracy

Are boycotts merely a matter of individual conscience, or might they depend on a shared political context to be recognized for what they are?
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Why Vaccinating the World Is the Best Thing for Australia

Global vaccine equity not only serves the least well-off, it also happens to be what's in all of our interests.
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Chris Cuomo, Brotherhood, and Morality

Can our familial responsibilities run counter to our moral obligations, or is such an apparent conflict only an illusion?
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What Does a Post-Literate World Look Like?

The tools we use to interpret the world and the way we communicate with others are evolving.
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The Ethical and Epistemic Consequences of Hiding YouTube Dislikes

What might be the tangible impact of a seemingly innocuous policy change?
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Juvenile Justice: Charging Minors as Adults

When, if ever, do a child's actions warrant punishment on par with their adult counterparts?
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Who Is Accountable for Inductive Risk in AI?

When the algorithm makes a mistake, whose responsibility is it to provide an explanation?
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‘Don’t Look Up’: Willful Ignorance of a Democracy in Crisis

This cautionary tale refuses to play political football with skeptics and simply fast-forwards to the end.
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Ethics and Job Apps: Goodhart’s Law and the Temptation Towards Dishonesty

After all this time, we still struggle with Thrasymachus's challenge that merely appearing just is all that's important.
"The End Is Nigh" poster featuring a COVID spore and gasmask

On Anxiety and Activism

How do we protect our political resolve from oversaturation of the attention economy?