Ethics News

photograph of Edward Colston statue

The Colston Four and the Rule of Law

Do our shifting standards regarding objectionable behavior threaten our commitment to treating like cases alike?
photograph of Martin Luther King Jr. Statue profile at night

On an Imperative to Educate People on the History of Race...

"We are not the makers of history. We are made by history." - Martin Luther King Jr.
photograph of "Evidence over Ignorance" protest sign

‘Don’t Look Up’ and “Trust the Science”

The film is much more than a pro-science, anti-skeptic morality play masquerading as entertainment.
photograph of rose on tombstone

Defining Death: One Size Fits All?

What consequences might our demarcation of death's domain have for the living?
photograph of Boris Johnson making a face

Boris Johnson and the Hypocrisy of Lawmakers

Why does political position and institutional power make infractions worse?
black-and-white photograph of embarrassed child

The Morality of “Sharenting”

Whose interests should speak loudest when considering whether to make all those awkward childhood moments public?
photograph of Wordle being played on phone

Why Don’t People Cheat at Wordle?

Might it be that there is something more than the honor code at play?
image of screen covered in binary code

Correcting Bias in A.I.: Lessons from Philosophy of Science

Is there any such thing as a view from nowhere? Do we know how to get there?
photograph of microphone and headphones n recording studio

Informed Consent and the Joe Rogan Experience

At what point might providing information actually harm patient's agency?
photograph of middle school boy using computer

Virtually Inhumane: Is It Wrong to Speak Cruelly to Chatbots?

Do we have any reason to insert ourselves into the private relationship between a user and their AI?