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Color photograph of reality star Paris Hilton sitting on a throne in front of a green screen while many cameras point at her.

Celebrity, Wealth, and Meaning in Life

The assumptions we make regarding the rich and famous could stand further investigation.
Color photograph of a crowd of football fans, one of whom is dressed up like the Hulk

The Obligations of Players and Fans

How should we determine the limits of acceptable behavior when it comes to player-fan interactions?
Pixelated image of a man's head and shoulders made up of pink and purple squares

AI and Pure Science

Can we really continue to maintain the thin line that divides knowledge from application?
Color photograph of Haines Hall at UCLA, a large red brick building with lots of Romanesque arches

Should Work Pay?

It's time to confront our assumptions about and attitudes toward unpaid labor.
photograph of blood sugar recording paraphanelia

Insulin and American Healthcare

What kind of economic and political intervention might be warranted to fix the current state of affairs?
image collage of social media signs and symbols

Is It Time to Nationalize YouTube and Facebook?

Might these harmful platforms offer public goods requiring a government-sponsored alternative?
black and white photograph of shadow on sidewalk

Acquitted but Not Forgotten: On the Ethics of Acquitted Conduct Sentencing

What role should mere allegations have to play in determining one's punishment?
photograph of Ketanji Brown Jackson with law books behind

On Judicial Philosophy: A Reflection on Judge Jackson’s Hearing

At some point one's philosophy and one's methodology must come apart.
photograph of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

The Ethics of Reproducing Trauma in Celebrity Biopics

Whose interests should matter most in bringing big moments to the big screen?
photograph of feet on asphalt before a branching decision tree

Considered Position: Thinking Through Sanctions – Our Own Obligations

What responsibilities might individuals have to support these punitive economic measures?