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photograph of Amazon package with Smile logo upside down

Amazon’s Influence on Literature

The virtual marketplace is having a profound effect on the commodification and consumption of literature.
photograph of heavy duty leaf blowers in operation

Leaf Blowers Suck. Here’s Why.

It's not just the engine emissions that makes leaf removal an environmental harm.
photograph of ripple on lake expanding

COVID and Climate Change: Taking the Long-Term Seriously

What is it that makes longtermism "the world's most dangerous credo"?
image of repeating error windows

The Ethics of Protest Trolling

Can this kind of intentional interference be defended as legitimate activism?
black-and-white photograph of Native American soldiers in the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Truth and Reconciliation Day

How do we adequately honor the past and reflect on the harms the First Nations people have suffered?

Individual Rights, Collective Interests, and Vaccine Mandates

Is there any justifying the state's strong-arming and bullying in the name of its citizens' public health?
photograph of grocery bag delivered on doorstep

Why You Should (Almost) Always Give a 5-Star Rating

How should the disproportionate significance of a less-than-perfect review affect user behavior?
photograph of electric power pylons in winter landscape

Making the Best of a Bad Situation: Russia and the Energy...

On what grounds could we possibly object to the geopolitical opportunism that represents business as usual?
photograph of Louis Vuitton storefront

Environmental Impacts of the Fashion Industry

In what ways might fashion's contribution to global ills represent unique harms in need of immediate redress?
photograph of narrow wood bridge surrounded by woods leading to open water

October’s Harvest: Threats to Academic Freedom

The loose bounds of what we deem permissible expression are closing in on both sides.