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Praise and Resentment: The Moral of ‘Bad Art Friend’

Is there a basic truth, fundamental fact, or obvious lesson that might be hiding behind all this pettiness?
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Vaccine Hesitancy as Free-Riding

A not insignificant portion of the unvaccinated continue to confound us in their refusal to acknowledge the basic demands of fairness.
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Ethics and Job Apps: Why Use Lotteries

Can we really defend our reliance on personal judgment when it comes to picking the best candidate for the job?
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The Moral Dimension of Literary Translation

How do we ensure that works match author's intent when every word is loaded and every choice matters?
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Moral Lessons from the Meng Wanzhou Affair?

It's difficult to see the narrative that this political showdown was about taking a stand on principles as anything but hollow.
photograph of gun with bullets and glass of alcohol on table

Background Checks for Alcohol: A Response

Mightn't the benefits, consequences, and risks associated with guns and with alcohol look very different?
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Can Men’s Centers Reverse the Gender Gap on Campus?

An innovative solution to declining male enrollment holds much larger promise.
photograph of pro-life protestors in front of Planned Parenthood

Who’s Harmed by Abortion?

The Texas Heartbeat Act fits uncomfortably with civil law's common understanding of the nature of harm, compensation, and aggrieved parties.
photograph of woolly mammoth sculpture

Should Scientists De-Extinct the Woolly Mammoth?

How do we weigh the protection of endangered species against the possibility of bringing another animal back to life?
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Resurrection Through Chatbot?

What are we to make of the latest example of technology's seemingly constant encroachment on the sacred?