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Considered Position: Thinking Through Sanctions – Do Sanctions Work?

Assessing the effectiveness of sanctions requires forward-looking metrics. They operate as a deterrent; more for show than for use.
photograph of youth holding small Trans Support Flag at rally

Whose Rights Matter for Gender-Affirming Care?

Who is it that recent legislation aims to protect when it outlaws medical assistance?
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Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill and Parental Rights

Recent legislation asks us to reconsider who public education is meant to serve.
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Restrictive Legislation Prevents Liberation

School provides an unique opportunity to gain the perspective to choose who one is and wants to be.
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Content Moderation and Emotional Trauma

The psychological suffering inflicted by wading through the internet's darkest corners should not be discounted.
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Why Starlink Isn’t Leaving Enough Space

What moral concerns ground NASA's concern with SpaceX's satellite system?
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Elective Disability and Body Integrity Dysphoria

Is a doctor's decision to assist patients in realizing their disabled identity a violation of the Hippocratic oath?
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On Banning Russian Athletes

What do sports organizations hope to accomplish by excluding certain athletes from play?
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The Hidden Ethics of Inflation

It's high time we probed this economic catch-all and had a public discussion about the who's and why's of it all.
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The Freedom Convoy and the Ethics of Civil Disobedience

At what point might civil disobedience cross the line into something else?