photograph of Blue Origin shuttle takeoff

The Aristotelian Vulgarity of Billionaires in Space

Can virtue ethics help put appropriate words to a lingering doubt and spell out the antipathy we feel?
photograph of starry night in the woods

Space: The Immoral Frontier?

Can the broad consensus on the "necessary" nature of space travel find a moral justification?
photograph of military personnel receiving shot

Medical Challenge Trials: Time to Embrace the Challenge?

Are there any good moral reasons for refusing to experiment with willing participants in the face of an emergency?
photograph of hand lined with ants

What Morgellons Disease Teaches Us about Empathy

What kind of compassion and consideration can be shown to those we do not believe and lack the ability to trust?
photograph of hospital room with empty beds

Autonomy, Euthanasia, and Non-Terminal Patients

What constraints, if any, should we place on the freedom to pursue physician-assisted suicide, especially when it comes to those whose reasoning may be impaired?
simple single-line drawing of person curled up in bed

The Knowledge Norms of Emotions

Emotions seems to only be appropriate after all the facts have come in, making uncertainty a major obstacle to catharsis.
3D image of Covid-19 virus cells

Ethical Considerations in the Lab-Leak Theory

Why the skepticism regarding the original suggestion, and what dangers surround the investigation now?
close-up photograph of Body Worlds Exhibition

Re-Thinking the Nature of Bodies

The promise of organ printing raises important questions about how we understand our physical makeup.
President Joe Biden observes dosage preparations during a tour of a vaccination center

Biden, Trump, and the Dangers of Value-Free Science

Science merely provides a tool, it's up to us to give weight to all the inputs and outputs.
photograph of vaccine waiting line

Underrepresentation in Clinical Trials and COVID-19

Our dedication to the value of efficiency means that the historically marginalized stay marginalized.