3D image of Covid-19 virus cells

Ethical Considerations in the Lab-Leak Theory

Why the skepticism regarding the original suggestion, and what dangers surround the investigation now?
close-up photograph of Body Worlds Exhibition

Re-Thinking the Nature of Bodies

The promise of organ printing raises important questions about how we understand our physical makeup.
President Joe Biden observes dosage preparations during a tour of a vaccination center

Biden, Trump, and the Dangers of Value-Free Science

Science merely provides a tool, it's up to us to give weight to all the inputs and outputs.
photograph of vaccine waiting line

Underrepresentation in Clinical Trials and COVID-19

Our dedication to the value of efficiency means that the historically marginalized stay marginalized.
photograpg of Colorado River landscape

Climate Services, Public Policy, and the Colorado

How can we balance our commitment to the people's voice with the need for policy that is scientifically informed?
photograph of Capitol mob being tear gassed outside

Immoral Emotions, Intentionality, and Insurrection

We can condemn the violence at the Capitol without also condemning the emotional experiences that precipitated those acts.
photograph of donation jar stuffed with large bills

A Strange Moral Disgruntlement with Giving

What constitutes a worthwhile cause? And why do we so harshly judge others for donating to the wrong ones?
photograph of Dr. Fauci speaking on panel with American flag in background

Expertise and the “Building Distrust” of Public Health Agencies

When it comes to public health, is one voice just as good as any other? And what might be the requirements for justified disbelief?
blurred photograph of crowd on busy street at night

The Politics of Depression

The growing sense of unease, distress, and exhaustion that many experience is a symptom of a political and social disease.
3d image of human face with severalpoints of interest circled

Bad Science, Bad Science Reporting

The problems of design and bias within scientific studies are only amplified by the way news outlets choose to frame findings.