NASA satelite image of Mars surface

Life on Mars? Cognitive Biases and the Ethics of Belief

Romoser's claims concerning the existence of life on Mars raise questions about the requirements for having justified beliefs.
photograph of coin jar spilling out on top of medical bills

Some Hospitals Sue Their Delinquent Patients. Should They?

Is healthcare like any other consumer good in the marketplace or does it occupy a privileged position that requires special protections? Our answer has far-reaching implications.
cloeup photograph of lock on gate with iron chain

Forbidden Knowledge in Scientific Research

Given the profound societal effect that scientific studies can have, are there kinds of research that shouldn't be done or results that shouldn't be published? Can scientific censorship be justified?
image of ovarian follicles

Commodification and Exploitation in Egg Donation

Egg donation holds invaluable promise for many, but it is also rife with societal implications for all.

Marieke Vervoort and Deciding How to Die

The recent passing of Belgian Paralympian Marieke Vervoort prompts reflection on the thorny issues surrounding aid in dying legislation.
photograph of stethescope and blood pressure pump

MDs vs. NDs: On the Regulation of Naturopathic Medicine

NDs and MDs are both concerned for the public's health and patient autonomy, but is formally distinguishing NDs from unlicensed practitioners an advancement of, or a hindrance to, those goals?
image of pencil writing dna strand

CRISPR and the Ethics of Science Hype

Sensationalism of budding science and developing technology is only becoming more exaggerated. And CRISPR is no exception.
CRISPR image

When Your Will Is Not Enough: Ethical Restrictions on Entering into...

A recent case highlights the conflict between paternalism and autonomy in the medical field. In what sense might one's decision to pursue an experimental treatment not be one's own?
image of space with stars and emission nebulas

The Ethics of Sending Life to the Moon and Beyond

The recent SpaceIL mishap prompts reflection on the unregulated nature of space. Why should we be concerned?
colored image of a human brain

Implicit Bias and the Efficacy of Training

A California law aims to address implicit bias, but recent research suggests that current training has little ability to change behavior.