blurred photograph of crowd on busy street at night

The Politics of Depression

The growing sense of unease, distress, and exhaustion that many experience is a symptom of a political and social disease.
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Bad Science, Bad Science Reporting

The problems of design and bias within scientific studies are only amplified by the way news outlets choose to frame findings.
photograph of army reserve personnel wearing neck gaiter at covid testing site

On “Doing Your Own Research”

For many, the pandemic is only further tarnishing science's name. But we need to raise the bar for what does (and does not) constitute research.
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Morality Pills Aren’t Enough

Empathy may not be the only obstacle standing in the way of depoliticizing mask use.
photograph of doctor holding syringe and medicine for vaccination

Who Should Get the Vaccine First?

Our basic equality needs to be respected in processes that determine who gets what.
photograph of patients' feet standing in line waiting to get tested for COVID

Life-Life Tradeoffs in the Midst of a Pandemic

On what basis should we decide where our limited medical resources go? What is just? What is fair? Is any decision unobjectionable?
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Re-evaluating Addiction: The Immoral Moralizing of Alcoholics Anonymous

With no evidence of effectiveness and some troubling threads in its doctrines, AA has a powerful reputation it hasn't earned.
A box of hydroxychloroquine sulphate tablets held by a hand with coronavirus written in background

Hydroxychloroquine and the Ethical Pitfalls of Private Science

The retraction of three papers on treating COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine reflect a crisis in the scientific community: how to handle data from private companies. What reforms are necessary to avoid such data-based scandals in the future?
photograph of surgery performed with help of teleprescence robot

Rural Health Disparities and Telemedicine

Those in rural areas face a significantly higher risk of death from common causes than their urban counterparts. Is telemedicine the solution to this disparity?
NASA satelite image of Mars surface

Life on Mars? Cognitive Biases and the Ethics of Belief

Romoser's claims concerning the existence of life on Mars raise questions about the requirements for having justified beliefs.