Respecting the Dead: The Case of Charles Byrne, the Irish Giant

What does the examination of Charles Byrne's body after death, against his wishes, say about respecting the dead?

Does the United States Steal Nurses from the Developing World?

Nurses from developing countries often leave for jobs in the United States or the United Kingdom, leaving the healthcare systems of their home countries struggling.

Martian Morals: Protecting the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life

Mars could support terrestrial life, but that terrestrial life might jeopardize ever finding indigenous Martian life -- because that could exist too.

Autonomy and Non-Domination in International Clinical Research

In February, Dr. Danielle Wenner presented her talk "Autonomy and Non-Domination in International Clinical Research" as a part of the Young Philosophers Lecture Series hosted...

The Vaccine Debate: Where Do We Go From Here?

The vaccine debate is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore: there is an article published on the topic almost daily, and it’s hard to find...

High School Essay Contest Winners

The Prindle Institute is excited to announce the winners of the first annual High School Ethics Essay Contest! Over 100 high school students responded...