Photograph of three different brands of birth control

Male Contraceptives Might Allow For a Shift In Responsibility

Women bear an excessive burden when it comes to preventing pregnancy. What happens when we include the other half of the population?
Photograph of a kit for needle exchange, including three needles, cotton pads, and alcohol wipes

Reduction of Harm: Fentanyl Testing Strips for Drug Users

Fentanyl testing strips could save lives for drug users, but not without the support of city and state governments.
Photo of a sign at the Golden Gate Bridge that says "Crisis counseling - There is hope - Make the call - The consequences of jumping from this bridge are fatal and tragic".

Reflection on Responsibility: National Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention month, so it's a good time to reflect -- where does the responsibility to prevent suicide lie?
Photograph of a single bed with a curtain and chair

“Unbearable Suffering” and Mental Illness

Euthanasia is already a much-debated practice, and the case of Aurelia Brouwers only intensified the controversy.

No Quick Study: The Ethics of Cognitive Enhancing Study Drugs

Study drug usage is on the rise -- and that's a complicated ethical quandary.

Walgreens and the Conscience Clause

After the Masterpiece Cake Shop decision, the concept of conscience clauses has come under fire -- most recently with a pharmacist in Arizona refusing to fill a prescription.
photograph of a pill bottle with pills spilling out

The Opioid Crisis and America’s Homegrown Cartels

The opioid crisis is more than a homegrown problem: it's the result of some brilliantly dangerous marketing by pharmaceutical companies.
Black and white photograph of a medical student examining a person on a table

The Ethics of Human Head Transplants Explored: Part Two

Beyond the sci-fi nature of human head transplants, we have to consider important ethical questions about the results of the transplants.
Photograph of several petrie dishes with growing cultures in them

Solving Antibiotic Resistance with the Power of Evolution

Growing resistance to antibiotics is dangerous, but the evolutionary processes that cause it might just provide a solution.
Doctor inspecting a patient on an operating table

The Ethics of Human Head Transplants Explored: Part One

The science fiction idea of head transplants is becoming a medical reality, but at what ethical cost?