We Love Leo. But Should We Trust Him?

When I say CLIMATE, you say CHANGE. In the conversations about the environment, things seem to be doing just that...changing. In the past week or so,...

Epistemology and Affirmative Action

Whatever your views about affirmative action are, this is well worth watching. Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa, a philosophy professor at University of British Columbia, argues...

A Pro-Choice Argument for Investigating Planned Parenthood

Dismissed by some as pro-life fear-mongering, evaluating Planned Parenthood's fetal tissue donation program can actually serve pro-choice goals.

Dying with Dignity

Death with dignity is increasingly becoming a prominent social issue. In November, 29-year-old Brittany Maynard decided to end her life after receiving a prognosis...

How Suicide Became a Treatment

Belgium's struggles with the ethics of euthanasia illuminates questions about assisted suicide as medical practice.

The Over-Treatment Paradox

Why do doctors rarely use the same end-of-life treatments they prescribe?

Optimizing the IRB

Lengthy and sometimes secretive, is it time for institutional review boards to be standardized?

The Necessity of Vaccination

The introduction of vaccines was one of the biggest leaps in medical history.  To think that one could be permanently immune to a specific disease...

$10 Million Endowed to Fund Prindle

Prindle Intern Suzanne Spencer '14 reporting on $14.4 million in new gifts in Spring 2014, including an estate gift from Janet Prindle for continued...

Cannabis and Cancer

An Australian man was arrested and stripped of his parental rights after treating his 2-year-old daughter with cannabis oil. Adam Koessler's daughter has been...