A close-up image of a scientist examining DNA test results

CRISPR, Moral Obligations and Editing the Human Genome

With technologies like CRISPR, scientists are even closer to editing the human genome to fight diseases and prolong life. But is doing so ethical?
close-up photograph of physician's face with mask and headlamp

Second-Victim Phenomenon

How can we properly attend to the health of both patient and physician when unintended harm occurs?
photograph of army reserve personnel wearing neck gaiter at covid testing site

On “Doing Your Own Research”

For many, the pandemic is only further tarnishing science's name. But we need to raise the bar for what does (and does not) constitute research.

Walgreens and the Conscience Clause

After the Masterpiece Cake Shop decision, the concept of conscience clauses has come under fire -- most recently with a pharmacist in Arizona refusing to fill a prescription.
photograph of coin jar spilling out on top of medical bills

Some Hospitals Sue Their Delinquent Patients. Should They?

Is healthcare like any other consumer good in the marketplace or does it occupy a privileged position that requires special protections? Our answer has far-reaching implications.