photograph of favella next to skyscrapers

Intellectual Property and the Right of Necessity

How can we honor our obligation to those in need without creating additional kinds of unfairness?
photograph of elderly man masked in waiting room

COVID Vaccines and Primary Care

Are doctors violating their professional code in choosing who they will or will not treat, or, as always, simply minimizing their patients' risk and possible harm?
photograph of "In Evidence We Trust" protest sign

Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and the Dangers of Scientific Preprints

Information sharing during the pandemic suggests a desperate need to make clear exactly what it means to trust in science.
photograph of woolly mammoth sculpture

Should Scientists De-Extinct the Woolly Mammoth?

How do we weigh the protection of endangered species against the possibility of bringing another animal back to life?

Individual Rights, Collective Interests, and Vaccine Mandates

Is there any justifying the state's strong-arming and bullying in the name of its citizens' public health?