A human and neanderthal skull facing each other on a black background

Questioning the Morality of Raising Neanderthal

Cloning Neanderthals could be a scientific possibility. But just because it might be possible doesn't mean it's a good, morally sound idea.
Photo of three rats in a cage with a little red house and food and water available

The Moral Quandary of Testing on Animals

Animal testing is controversial, and it's because of questions ranging from consent to suffering to the 'greater good.'
A photograph of the word "knowledge engraved in white sandstone

Knowing What You Don’t Know

Science is becoming more partisan; public opinion is divided on scientific facts. How did we get here, and what can we do?
Photo of a piece of paper showing base pairs

On Gene Editing, Disease, and Disability

Gene editing is controversial for many reasons, but it's especially thorny when it comes to issues such as selective abortion, disease, and disability.
Photograph of a hand drier and a hand sanitizer dispenser attached to a tiled wall

To Clean or Too Clean? The Problem of Over-Cleanliness

We've been taught from a young age to wash our hands frequently and use powerful disinfectants to clean our homes. But how clean is too clean?
Photograph of a sign for a medical marijuana dispensary

Which Voices Matter? Ballot Initiatives, Marijuana, and Legislative Paternalism in Utah

In November, Utah voters made medical marijuana legal with a ballot measure. However, legislation is already underway to restrict it.
Photograph of an exam room in a doctor's office

Examining Medical Intervention and Gender Confirmation

The gender binary has long held sway over medical intervention for many kinds of treatments, especially for those who identify outside that binary.
Black and white photograph of a couple in an art gallery, standing in front of a picture, the woman is laughing

Dating and Choice in the Digital Age

Online dating offers people a wider choice in partners, but also might serve to intensify bias.
Artist's rendering of InSight and the two MarsCubes as they approach Mars from Earth

InSight’s Landing on Mars: Ethics of Space Exploration

Space exploration has the potential to revolutionize our scientific knowledge, but there are many ethical questions to address first.
Black and white photograph of a midwife holding a baby

“Free Birth” and the Politics of Childbearing

Women deserve better care and experiences when it comes to giving birth, but the Free Birth Society may not be the answer.