photograph of earth from space with one-half illuminated and the other half in darkness

Individual Obligation in the Face of Global Climate Change

Climate change is caused by the individual actions of a number of different actors, but will require the collective action to mitigate. Unfortunately, motivating people to make changes to avoid a future problem is difficult when there are pressing troubles already staring us in the face.

Establishing Liability in Artificial Intelligence

Algorithms are capable of causing harm, but it isn't easy to identify who should be held accountable when they do.
image of beached whale with human onlookers

A Question of Motivation: Moral Reasons and Market Change

Should we be pairing our moral arguments with a change in financial incentive to effectively alter human behavior? Is this the way to combat problems like climate change and factory farming?
photograph of dark empty cell with small slit of sunshine

“It Wasn’t ‘Me'”: Neurological Causation and Punishment

Our understanding of neurological causation and personal responsibility is evolving. What is the impact of these findings for our criminal justice system?
3D image of human brain

Death and Consciousness: The Prospect of Brain Resuscitation

New research involving brain resuscitation holds great promise and presents even greater challenges.
close-up photograph of physician's face with mask and headlamp

Second-Victim Phenomenon

How can we properly attend to the health of both patient and physician when unintended harm occurs?
Photograph of 5 figures in a field, wearing hats and bending over to reach for fruit

From Picking Fruit to Buying It: The Health of California Farmworkers

When we buy fruit at the grocery store, we often fail to realize the intensive and undervalued human labor that goes into growing and harvesting that fruit.
photograph of syringe and bottle of antiobiotics

The Ethics of Philosophical Exemptions

Given the threat to public health, what bar should a claim to philosophical exemption from vaccination need to clear?
photograph of empty hospital room with flowers

What It Means to Legalize Euthanasia

Societal acceptance of physician-assisted suicide has been growing, but the costs aren't always so easy to see.
refracted rings of yellow light emanate from red core

Depression, “Special K,” and the FDA

A powerful new antidepressant is set to hit the market, but should the FDA be in the business of fast-tracking drug approval based on need?