colored image of a human brain

Implicit Bias and the Efficacy of Training

A California law aims to address implicit bias, but recent research suggests that current training has little ability to change behavior.
microscopic image of human embryos

The Ethics of Chimeric Research

Developing human/non-human embryos for research and organ transplant raises tough questions about the value of human life and the politics of species taxonomy.
photograph of lab rat perched on human's arm

Moral Standing and Human/Non-human Hybrids

Research involving animal embryos that have human cells requires us to revisit our standards regarding moral status.
image of brain outline in white light

The Ethics of Cell Cultured Brains

Research with cellularly revived brain tissues raises all sorts of questions about the nature of consciousness, the definition of pain, and the ethical boundaries of scientific research.
photograph of Fireman's Monument at Cherynobl

The Ethics of Scientific Advice: Lessons from “Chernobyl”

HBO's miniseries offers a new opportunity to revisit an age-old debate: Should we keep value judgments out of science? Can we?
photograph of the surface of the moon (half)

Should We Return to the Moon?

Much has been made of the US's intention to return to the moon. What did Apollo 11 mean then and what might another voyage mean now?
image of 1960's polio vaccine poster with Wellbee Cartoon

Vaccination Abstention and the Principle of Autonomy

In the debate over vaccination abstention, the right to refuse medical treatment and the right to bodily integrity are in conflict with concerns of justice and public health. How can we make headway in the deadlock?
photograph of macaque's face in profile

Moral Standing and Human Monkeys

Recent experiments have put pressure on the divisions we draw between human and animals. What does it take to be a right-bearing entity?
Smiling caregiver embracing happy senior woman in nursing home

Does Care Require Personhood? The Ethics of Robot Caregiving

Emerging healthcare technologies like Rudy, Addison, and PARO should prompt us to reassess the healthcare industry and to contemplate the difference between service and care.
close-up photograph of two chickens poking their heads out of cages.

The UK Novocaine Shortage and Animal Welfare

Industrial agriculture has pacified some critics by using Novocaine to ease animal suffering. But what happens when there isn't enough anesthetic to go around? And what's the value of using pain relief for animals set for slaughter?