Photograph of Dr. He in a lab

Lulu and Nana: The Surprise of Genetically-Modified Humans

The gene-editing technology CRISPR was the source of lively theoretical ethics debates - until Chinese scientist He Jiankui actually used it.
Photograph of two boxes by the brand 23AndMe

Getting Personal About Personal Genetic Information

Personal genetic information tests can be a fun way to learn about your heritage - but they can also betray some very private information.
Photo of a rhino horn and several products claiming to have rhino horn in them

The Ethical Ramifications of Legalizing the Exotic Wildlife Trade

China's decision to permit the sale of rhino horns and tiger bones is controversial - but it's more than an ecological crisis. It's also about traditional medicine and preserving a culture.
U.S. Department of Agriculture research facility at North Dakota State University, in Fargo, N.D. on Monday, April 29, 2013. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

Bad Advice from the USDA

This article focuses on the US Department of Agriculture’s poor enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, by only providing warnings instead of punishments.
Photograph of three different brands of birth control

Male Contraceptives Might Allow For a Shift In Responsibility

Women bear an excessive burden when it comes to preventing pregnancy. What happens when we include the other half of the population?
Photograph of a kit for needle exchange, including three needles, cotton pads, and alcohol wipes

Reduction of Harm: Fentanyl Testing Strips for Drug Users

Fentanyl testing strips could save lives for drug users, but not without the support of city and state governments.
Photo of a sign at the Golden Gate Bridge that says "Crisis counseling - There is hope - Make the call - The consequences of jumping from this bridge are fatal and tragic".

Reflection on Responsibility: National Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention month, so it's a good time to reflect -- where does the responsibility to prevent suicide lie?
Photograph of three toddlers dressed in pink

Nature, Nurture, and Unknown Harms

Three identical strangers realized they were more than just triplets: they were the subjects of a scientific study on nature versus nurture.
Photograph of a single bed with a curtain and chair

“Unbearable Suffering” and Mental Illness

Euthanasia is already a much-debated practice, and the case of Aurelia Brouwers only intensified the controversy.

No Quick Study: The Ethics of Cognitive Enhancing Study Drugs

Study drug usage is on the rise -- and that's a complicated ethical quandary.