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Sparking Joy: The Ethics of Medically-Induced Happiness

What should our outlook be on "medically induced" happiness? Is it the same as "natural" happiness?
Photograph of 1944 poster that says "mental health is your concern"

The Perils of Globalizing Mental Health

Is the western understanding of mental health and mental illness necessarily the best understanding?
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Dating and Choice in the Digital Age

Online dating offers people a wider choice in partners, but also might serve to intensify bias.
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“Unbearable Suffering” and Mental Illness

Euthanasia is already a much-debated practice, and the case of Aurelia Brouwers only intensified the controversy.
Black and white photograph of a medical student examining a person on a table

The Ethics of Human Head Transplants Explored: Part Two

Beyond the sci-fi nature of human head transplants, we have to consider important ethical questions about the results of the transplants.
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Debunking the Marshmallow Myth: Rationality in Scarcity

The marshmallow test was supposed to show that delayed gratification sets kids up for success, but it actually betrays classed biases.
A dark photo of Donald Trump clapping.

Is it Fair to Blame President Trump’s Behavior on Mental Illness?

Trump's presidency has led many to struggle with the ethics of trying to diagnose any mental illness he might have - and whether such illness would even justify his behavior.
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Addiction, Free Will, and St. Anselm

"Is addiction a choice or a disease? If it is a disease, is it acquired because of voluntary behavior, or caused by biological or societal factors? Can addicts simply stop using drugs?"

Diagnosis from a Distance: The Ethics of the Goldwater Rule

Debates around psychiatrists' role in the political sphere have taken on new life under Donald Trump's presidency.

Consumerism, Capitalism, and Personal Identity

Shopping hangovers are just as real of a threat at this time of year as the drinking ones. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday...