The FDA and Banning Shock Therapy

The FDA is currently debating whether skin shocking devices should be banned for use on patients with autism and developmental/intellectual disabilities that display self-harmful...

Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium?

Lithium is classically associated with extreme mental illness, and has a somewhat negative connotation in the public. In its concentrated form, it has been...

How Social Media Might Silence Debate

According to this study, social media may have a negative impact on political debate. As the opening of the study notes, in the pre-internet era,...

The Politics of Morality: Can Good Deeds be Controlled?

From sharing posts on social media sites to spreading germs of the common cold, it seems that many things in life are contagious. But...

An Ancient and Modern Anxiety

It's pretty commonplace nowadays to hear arguments either defending or condemning the integration of technology into our everyday lifestyle. Proponents of this integration often stress...

Morning People Are Less Ethical At Night

And Night Owls are more likely to cheat in the morning. According to this recent study, people who are early risers tend to behave...

Diagnosis from a Distance: The Ethics of the Goldwater Rule

Debates around psychiatrists' role in the political sphere have taken on new life under Donald Trump's presidency.
Photograph of 1944 poster that says "mental health is your concern"

The Perils of Globalizing Mental Health

Is the western understanding of mental health and mental illness necessarily the best understanding?
Photograph of a sunflower in sunshine with blue sky behind

Sparking Joy: The Ethics of Medically-Induced Happiness

What should our outlook be on "medically induced" happiness? Is it the same as "natural" happiness?
photograph of dark empty cell with small slit of sunshine

“It Wasn’t ‘Me'”: Neurological Causation and Punishment

Our understanding of neurological causation and personal responsibility is evolving. What is the impact of these findings for our criminal justice system?