photograph of long line of people queuing to enter store

Why I Am Not like You: The Ethics of Exceptions

When it comes to coronavirus regulations, what relevant considerations might make some exempt from the general rule?
photograph of full subway car with half of the passengers unmasked

The Bigger Problem with “COVID Conga Lines”

In this together? What can the rights and responsibilities of Dewey's public tell us about our current predicament?
photograph of place settings at table for Christmas dinner

On Speaking Up in Polite Company

What's the best strategy when confrontation comes calling this holiday season?
aerial photograph of Pastaza River Basin in South America

Considering the Rights of Nature

How can we perceive the rights and interests of entities that exist beyond our human interest in them?
photograph of protester holding sign reading: "Freedom from Tyranny Don't Tread on Me" in front of State building

The Moral Need for Public Conversation about Rights in a Pandemic...

The 'folk' conception of rights is a major obstacle to combating the pandemic. Perhaps it's time we had a talk about the limits of personal liberty.
image of 2021 with vaccine vial and syringe representing two of the numbers

Duties to Vaccinate, Duties to Inform

How might we best communicate the science to those who remain skeptical? What role do each of us have to play?
photograph of relection on Chicago Bean of skyline

Come into My Parler

What good is fact-checking in the post-truth era?
photograph of gloved hand offering syringe and vaccine vial

This for That: Trading Vaccinations for Stimulus Checks

Should citizens refusing vaccination be denied a stimulus check? Is this proposal really any different from school immunizations?
photograph of JK Rowling at book signing for Harry Potter

Is Radical Feminism Inherently Transphobic?

Is there any rescuing these conceptions of "womanhood"—and the specific discrimination and oppression they identify—from the charge of biological essentialism?
photograph of bella thorne on red carpet with crowd behind her

Bella Thorne and Celebrities Inhabiting Shared Spaces

Us and them? What are the responsibilities of celebrities when participating in shared, communal spaces?