photograph of Aaron Rogers in football uniform with helmet

Aaron Rodgers, “Critical Thinking,” and Intellectual Humility

How do we distinguish between healthy epistemic habits and virtues and those which are unhealthy?
black-and-white photograph of man and woman yelling into megaphones

Civility, Testimonial Injustice, and Commitment to Philosophy

What lessons can philosophy teach us for expanding our perspective, being more generous, and seriously considering the positions of others?
photograph of parent walking son to schoolbus

Education and Parental Control

Why might parents deserve a greater say over what goes on at school?

Parents’ Rights and Public Education

How much authority should parents be granted in shaping public school curricula?
image of Sisyphus rolling bolder uphill

COP26: What’s the Point?

"A man devoid of hope and conscious of being so has ceased to belong to the future." - Albert Camus
photograph of heavy duty leaf blowers in operation

Leaf Blowers Suck. Here’s Why.

It's not just the engine emissions that makes leaf removal an environmental harm.
photograph of ripple on lake expanding

COVID and Climate Change: Taking the Long-Term Seriously

What is it that makes longtermism "the world's most dangerous credo"?
image of repeating error windows

The Ethics of Protest Trolling

Can this kind of intentional interference be defended as legitimate activism?
black-and-white photograph of Native American soldiers in the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Truth and Reconciliation Day

How do we adequately honor the past and reflect on the harms the First Nations people have suffered?

Individual Rights, Collective Interests, and Vaccine Mandates

Is there any justifying the state's strong-arming and bullying in the name of its citizens' public health?