photograph of Ketanji Brown Jackson with law books behind

On Judicial Philosophy: A Reflection on Judge Jackson’s Hearing

At some point one's philosophy and one's methodology must come apart.
photograph of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

The Ethics of Reproducing Trauma in Celebrity Biopics

Whose interests should matter most in bringing big moments to the big screen?
photograph of feet on asphalt before a branching decision tree

Considered Position: Thinking Through Sanctions – Our Own Obligations

What responsibilities might individuals have to support these punitive economic measures?
photograph of ATM line in Kyev

Considered Position: Thinking Through Sanctions – The Ethics of Targeting Civilians

Can the consequences suffered by innocent bystanders be deemed unintended and thus permissible?
image of Russian banknotes

Considered Position: Thinking Through Sanctions – Do Sanctions Work?

Assessing the effectiveness of sanctions requires forward-looking metrics. They operate as a deterrent; more for show than for use.
photograph of school girl sent out of class

Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill and Parental Rights

Recent legislation asks us to reconsider who public education is meant to serve.
image of child's mind maturing into adult's mind

Restrictive Legislation Prevents Liberation

School provides an unique opportunity to gain the perspective to choose who one is and wants to be.
photograph of hands removing fiver from wallet

The Hidden Ethics of Inflation

It's high time we probed this economic catch-all and had a public discussion about the who's and why's of it all.
photograph of Freedom Convoy truck blockade

The Freedom Convoy and the Ethics of Civil Disobedience

At what point might civil disobedience cross the line into something else?
close-up image of Benjamin Franklin on a hundred dollar bill

When Should You Boycott?

What considerations should inform one's withdrawal of economic support?