photograph of rainbow flag with silhouette figures crowded beneath it

Pride Parades and Respectability Politics

Etiquette norms regarding "good taste" and "decency" are just another tool used to stifle expression, encourage conformity, and police group identity.
photograph of Jerusalem through barbed wire fence

Criticism of Israel, Media Focus, and Bias

Given all the other international conflicts, can anything but anti-Semitism explain the obsession with Israeli policies?
photograph of a contemplative Justice Breyer at a speaking engagement

Justice Breyer and Strategic Retirement

We should take a minute to consider all that is being communicated in the push for Breyer to relinquish his post and step down?
photograph of judge in robes

“Politicians in Robes”: Neutrality in the Supreme Court

How can we maintain confidence in the Court given the politicization surrounding it?
photograph of silhouetted figure shining flashlight at light source in the night sky

UFOs and Hume on Miracles

Hume cautions us about believing others when their claims are unbelievable.
photograph of the defense's materials on table in a courtroom

Automation in the Courtroom: On Algorithms Predicting Crime

The justice system's growing reliance on artificial intelligence threatens to remove human sensibility from sentencing.
photograph of Florida road map

A Challenge to Federalism: Mask Mandates and Subsidiarity

How do we find the proper division of labor between competing claims to authority by federal, state, and local bodies?
black and white photograph of pray hands

On the Weaponization of Forgiveness

Making a show of contrition operates as nothing more than a rhetorical device, whether we realize it or not.
photograph of Liz Cheney at Trump inauguration

On the “Canceling” of Liz Cheney

"During the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition called war."
photograph of students studying at desks in classroom

A Stark Divide: On Critical Race Theory in the Classroom

Why might race-based education be necessary for developing our youth into fully-fledged adults?