black and white photograph of old and young hands touching

Panic Buying and the Virtue of Compassion

Trying times test us physically, emotionally, and morally., but it's important to remember that we are not alone.
photograph of empty shelves at a grocery store

The Ethics of Panic Hoarding

Defining what "reasonable" looks like in times of crisis can be extremely difficult, but managing dramatic shifts in supply and demand requires us to continue to think of others.
photogrpah of cattle at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains

Water Scarcity and Aldo Leopold’s “Land Ethic”

Our habitual practices are causing harm and manipulations to market forces can't produce lasting change. What are we to do?

Are We Overreacting? Coronavirus in Context

When faced with an adversary like COVID-19, we seem destined to look for grander strategies of response. But sometimes the simplest steps are the most potent.
3d rendering of bacteria under a microscope

Infodemics and Good Epistemic Hygiene

With the overwhelming amount of (mis)information circulating on social media, it becomes vitally important that all of us be working from the same set of facts.
View from street of a large concrete building with thousands of windows. The building is the Los Angeles County Criminal Courts building.

The Case of Gabriel Fernandez: Social Work and Public Responsibility

The decision by prosecutors to lay blame at the social workers door paints an unrealistic and overly simplistic picture.
photograph of Disney castle

Gay Representation and ‘Onward’

Corporations often try to brand themselves as inclusive and progressive, but is there any substance behind these labels or is it all just marketing?
photograph of pipeline through open land with mountains

The Coastal GasLink Pipeline

The Coastal GasLink pipeline standoff highlights a number of concerns of legitimacy and puts pressure on different entities' claim to the right to rule.
photograph of voter filling out ballot

Operation Chaos; or, How to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of...

The idea of "party raiding" raises interesting questions not only about our motivations at the ballot booth, but also the way we go about preference ordering.
photograph of pile of "Vote" buttons

The Case for Epistocratic Democracy

Do we, as voters, have an obligation to be informed? Where could such a duty come from? Who might we owe it to?