photograph of protesters carrying automatic rifles

Kyle Rittenhouse and the Legal/Moral Limits of Self-Defense

Depictions of Rittenhouse as a brave patriot standing his ground and acting in self-defense are doing legal and moral harm.
black-and-white photograph of group of students studying outside

Against Abstinence-Based COVID-19 Policies

Colleges' policies regarding students and gatherings offers another lesson about using ideal theory in a non-ideal world.
photograph of Alice Johnson being granted clemency at State of the Union in 2018

The Pardon of Alice Marie Johnson

Johnson's sentence was a miscarriage of justice, but her pardon appears motivated by political ends.
image of man in military gear firing weapon

It’s Just a Game: The Ethics of Tom Clancy’s Not-So-Elite Squad

Video games may not directly incite violence, but that doesn't mean they can't still send dangerous messages.
photograph of three different multi-colored pie charts

Stereotyping and Statistical Generalization

Painting with broad strokes? All the facts and figures in the world can't tell you about a single individual's lived experience.
close-up photograph of bank seal on banknote

Modern Monetary Theory, Taxation, and Democracy

What happens when government budgets become spending plans rather than balance sheets?
photograph of QAnon sign at rally

The Dangerous Allure of Conspiracy Theories

What is it about us and our politics that makes us so susceptible to tales of enchantment and intrigue?
photograph of pinocchio sculpture atop puppet theatre in Kiev

The Uses and Abuses of Political Hypocrisy

Ethics of responsibility or the ethics of conviction? Under what conditions is hypocrisy preferable to non-hypocrisy?
photograph of lone firefighter before a wildfire

Wildfires and Prison Labor: Crisis Continues to Expose Systemic Inequity

Upon what theory of punishment do the incarcerated not deserve protection from exploitation?
photograph of army reserve personnel wearing neck gaiter at covid testing site

On “Doing Your Own Research”

For many, the pandemic is only further tarnishing science's name. But we need to raise the bar for what does (and does not) constitute research.