photograph of entrance to a castle

The Castle Doctrine and the Murder of Botham Jean

The Amber Guyger case treads familiar ground regarding the legitimacy of "Stand Your Ground" laws invoking proportionality, necessity, and self-defense. How do events like this challenge traditional justifications?
Cropped, black-and-white headshot of a white woman with dark hair, pearl earrings wearing a white blouse and dark blazer.

On the Legitimacy of Moral Advice from the Internet

Seeking out moral advice from, and offering moral advice to, strangers in a public forum is nothing new. What has changed are the qualifications to claim moral expertise.
photograph of "to exist is to resist" mural

Climate Emergency and the Case for Civil Disobedience

Continued political inactivity to confront the growing climate crisis may mean that participation in demonstration is not simply permissible, but may be morally obligatory.
climeme protest sign

The Ethics of Climate Change Protest: Should Protest Be Funny?

The memeification of climate change protest shows us once again how comedy and tragedy are related. But there may be consequences to fighting the ongoing climate emergency with humor in a transitory medium.
image of burial mound in field

Are Green Burials an Ethical Good?

Environmental ethics butts up against religious convictions: should climate change realities alter our beliefs about how to honor the dead?
photograph of Radio City Music Hall

When Is Comedy Over the Line? The Departure of Shane Gillis...

Gillis's recent dismissal from SNL raises questions about free speech and the boundaries of offensive content.
close-up photograph of 'Help Wanted' sign in storefront window

Does the Fair Chance Act Live Up to Its Name?

A criminal record is an enormous obstacle to obtaining employment or housing. The strategy we choose for addressing this problem says a lot about our attitude toward the prospects of rehabilitation.
photograph of Trump and Zelensky posing for cameras, seated and shaking hands

The Trump/Zelensky Exchange: The “Though” Makes It Quid Pro Quo

Does the transcript exonerate the president as his supporters have claimed? And what's the big deal if it doesn't?
photograph of road construction beginning with trees in distance

The Djap Wurrung Trees, Hermeneutical Injustice, and Australia’s First Nations People

The conflict regarding the Djap Wurrung trees in western Victoria presents an opportunity to redress longstanding injustice.
image of space with stars and emission nebulas

The Ethics of Sending Life to the Moon and Beyond

The recent SpaceIL mishap prompts reflection on the unregulated nature of space. Why should we be concerned?