image of emergency road sign

Is This an Emergency?: Why Language Matters

The language we use to describe the state of our world has significant influence in motivating human action.
image of world map with flags indiciating national boundaries

Transactionalism in U.S. Foreign Policy

The Trump-Ukraine scandal is just the most recent example of the transactional stance the U.S. has taken with regard to foreign aid. What implications might this shift have for the global community?
photograph within abandoned building looking out

Power and Perception: The Ethics of Urban Exploration

Urban exploration can change our connection to the world and the way we see ourselves in it. But it can also reinforce a sense of entitlement and separation.
photograph of "voting" sign on a wall

On the Question of Strategic Voting

What are our responsibilities at the ballot box? What does it mean for a vote to be insincere? Do we have an obligation to vote our conscience at the ballot box?
photograph of young girl doing school work in room

The Ethics of Homeschooling

The vast difference in states' standards for homeschooling raises troubling questions about children's growth and their prospects of ever developing real autonomy. It also casts doubt on the legitimacy of home-based learning.
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Pia Klemp and The Ethics of Migrant Taxiing

Pia Klemp's rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean has garnered praise as well as punishment. What do such actions deserve?
closeup photograph of mosquito

EEE and the Eradication of Mosquitoes

Is the annihilation of a species a justified response to the threat Mosquitoes pose? What about genetic modification? Who gets to decide?
photograph of "Coexist" bumper sticker in back window of a BMW

MAGA, Morality, and the Paradox of Tolerance

Tolerance does not, and cannot, require tolerating intolerant views. And it is not hypocrisy to say so.
photograph of protest in NYC with many participants streaming on iphones

American Social Media Support of the Hong Kong Protests

Issue of free speech lie at the heart of the Hong Kong protests. And exercising our right to it (especially on social media) has important consequences for Hong Kong, as does our silence.
photograph of Ellen Degeneres relaxing on couch

Ellen, George W. Bush, and the Duty to Be Kind

Ellen has defended herself against recent public backlash by asserting a basic obligation to be kind to others. What might this duty entail? What might be its limits?