The Good Place and the Good Life

NBC's show explores all manner of philosophical quandary, but focuses especially on the meaning of life and the morality in mortality.
engraving of the Golden Age of the Senate

The US Senate as Jury

What makes the US Senate the proper place to judge impeachment? Does the "world's greatest deliberative body" still deserve it's name?
photograph of green board game piece isolated from huddled, red board game pieces

Institutions’ Right to Block: ICAO vs. Taiwan

What might justify an organization or government's wielding of exclusionary power? What does it mean to be removed from the conversation?
photograph of gathering clouds

Why Isn’t Everybody Panicking? Scientific Reticence and the Duty to Scare...

How can we balance accuracy against alarmism? How can we avoid defeatism and instead inspire action? What does scientific accuracy demand?
image of aged Rising Sun flag

Rising Sun Flag: Symbol of Hate or Cultural Pride?

Japan has claimed that the Rising Sun flag is not a political statement, but what other meaning can a flag have? And who gets to say what a flag symbolizes?
photograph of Trump at Catholic church

On Political Purity Tests

How should we approach elections? Is there a midway between being too idealistic and sacrificing our values?
photograph of reporters' recording devices pushing for response from suited figure

The Harms of Reporting Political Insults

When even the presentation of facts is non-neutral, how can journalism retain any claim to objectivity?
photograph of Mayor Pete at an even flipping pork chops in Iowa Pork apron

Campaign Donations, Caveat Emptor, and #RefundPete

Campaign donations can give contributors a sense of entitlement, but can these feelings be justified? What does our dollar really buy? What should it buy?
photograph of protest in front of police station

Strategic Nonviolence: An Alternative to Moral Pacifism

Political protest can take many forms. While civil resistance is often thought to rally under a single banner, the aims and means of demonstration can be markedly different.
photograph of dry, cracked earth with grass growing on a few individual pieces

Collective Action and Climate Change: Consumption, Defection, and Motivation

Individual incentives are at odds with collective rationality. How might models like the Prisoner's Dilemma and the Tragedy of the Commons illuminate our current predicament?