photograph of Capitol building with U.S. flag flying below the Statue of Freedom

Impeachment as a Means to an End

The value of the impeachment hearings extends well beyond the immediate political horizon. It is not a tool in service of a particular end, but a communicative symbol to the world.
photograph of young girl doing school work in room

The Ethics of Homeschooling

The vast difference in states' standards for homeschooling raises troubling questions about children's growth and their prospects of ever developing real autonomy. It also casts doubt on the legitimacy of home-based learning.
Image of two human stick-figures arguing

The Free-Speech Defense and a Defense of Free Speech

Mill endorsed free and open debate as a machine capable of refining and reinforcing truth. There were, however, limits. On his view, political correctness is not a restriction of free speech but a basic tenet.
photograph of Michael Jackson wax figure

Should We Mute Michael Jackson?

What obligations do those in the entertainment industry have to the public in the wake of criminal allegations? Is censorship ever appropriate prior to legal conviction? Must public use be a political act?
Photograph of a gavel next to two large books

Judd v Weinstein: Reexamining Ex Post Facto

Ex post facto laws allow us to avoid retroactive legislation. But in the era after #MeToo, maybe there are some crimes that should be punished after the fact.
Sign that reads "if dogs tasted like pork, would you eat them? What's the difference?" bearing a PETA logo

What PETA Gets Right about Animal Metaphors (and What it Gets...

PETA's list of updated metaphors has sparked memes and ridicule. What did PETA do right - or wrong?
Photograph of a long line of people in a refugee camp

Facebook and the Rohingya Genocide

The genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar was greatly influenced by Facebook.
A bluebird perched on a barbed wire fence

Insecticidal Tendencies: Insects as Candidates for Ecological Ethics

Pesticides have done a lot of harm to our environment, but most of all to insects. Should our ethics extend beyond ourselves to members of the natural world?
Photograph of a long row of dark green tents

The Ethics of Deterrence: Australian Offshore Immigration Detention

The U.S. isn't the only country with controversial and dangerous immigration policies. Those of Australia have gone on for over 5 years.
Photograph of a clear glass jar with dollars in it

To Tip or Not to Tip: D.C.’s Ballot Initiative 77

In the nation's capitol, tip wage versus minimum wage was a point of contention, as Ballot Initiative 77 passed by a narrow margin.