Crime and Law

photograph of courtroom

Excessive or Necessary? Prosecutorial Discretion in Pursuing Legal Charges

The divergence between the concepts of justice and fairness can easily be seen in prosecutors' different explanations of their relationship to the law.
photograph of barbed wire fence with camp in the distance

Racism, Refugees, and the Ripple Effect

Nationalist rhetoric and policies are gaining traction, emboldening others to follow suit, and undermining our collective commitment to human rights.
photograph of Australia High Court building

Does Australia Need a Bill of Rights?

How should we balance concerns for legal flexibility and political representation against the enshrinement of minority rights?
image of 1960's polio vaccine poster with Wellbee Cartoon

Vaccination Abstention and the Principle of Autonomy

In the debate over vaccination abstention, the right to refuse medical treatment and the right to bodily integrity are in conflict with concerns of justice and public health. How can we make headway in the deadlock?
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The Criminalization of HIV Transmission and Responsibility for Risky Behavior

HIV criminalization laws have a lot to say about the duty to disclose and assumption of risk, and perhaps even more to say about attitudes of racism and homophobia.
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Concrete Milkshakes and the Ethics of Being Wrong on the Internet

Recent circulation of misinformation through media channels highlights a troubling trend regarding belief formation. What does it mean to be a responsible epistemic agent?
photograph of migrant workers harvesting sweet potatoes

Farmworker Abuse and Agricultural Exceptionalism

Farmwork has been treated much differently than other forms of labor. Is this difference justified or is it time for change?
photograph of pregnant torso

Surrogacy in New York

The ongoing debate in New York concerning the legality of commercial surrogacy touches on a number of philosophical issues from commodification to paternalism.

The Peace Cross and Separation of Church and State

Bladensburg's monument to veterans raises a number of thorny issues concerning the principle of neutrality, freedom of religion, and the foundations of law.
photograph of videogame mystery box

Are Loot Boxes “Quite Ethical”?

Recent rulings have called the loot box mechanics used in franchises like FIFA and Star Wars Battlefront "gambling for children." What's the danger?