Crime and Law

On Providing Safe Spaces for Drug Use

When fighting addiction, should societies try to discourage dangerous behavior or limit its effects?

Loitering, Jaywalking, Mopery: Crime or Punishment?

Selective enforcement of laws for offenses like loitering effectively weaponize cities against the homeless.

Reconciling Democracy and Incarceration

One in 40 adults are prohibited from voting in the United States - many due to their criminal record.

In Ferguson, Divides Remain as a Community Moves Forward

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has visited Ferguson. We interviewed the town's residents to see what they wanted both candidates to know about their city.

Prosecuting Betty Shelby

Though no doubt warranted, scrutiny surrounding Betty Shelby's killing of Terence Crutcher follows well-known patterns of gender bias.

Feel This

On the Brock Turner case and the moral reasoning needed to understand the perspectives involved.